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Tips for Choosing Windows in Hawaii for Your Home

Tips for Choosing Windows in Hawaii for Your Home

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One of the many reasons to move to Hawaii is the beautiful, picturesque views. Who doesn’t love the breezy beaches and the sun! Residing in a house that opens up to such wonderful sights can elevate the charms of living the Island life. It is not difficult to picture yourself with a cool drink enjoying the view from a window in Hawaii.

The excitement can wane soon as the Hawaiian climate of hot summers soars up the energy bills. This can turn living in this paradise into a nightmare.A very simple solution to deal with this problem is to install suitable windows that meet your house’s needs.

Home owners have benefitted from something as simple as a window replacement without breaking the bank. To a novice it may be challenging to opt for designs best suited for their homes. Yet a few tricks that have stood the test of time in choosing the right windows in Hawaii. Give them a read!

Focus on the Function

First time home owners usually focus on the visual factor of the windows when making a decision. They tend to overlook important issues, which may look trivial at first but later can grow to gnaw at their wallet.

A window must function well in tackling issues like scorching sunrays, salty air, and heavy humidity of the Hawaiian weather with ease. The design and material of the window must fulfill certain purposes, such as to encourage better ventilation other than adding aesthetics to your home.

The warm and humid weather that surrounds Hawaii, the focus when buying windows must shift towards factors such as insulation and heat minimization. A great tip to start with is to find out the location of your home, the direction of the breeze and whether your window is sun facing.

This would help in deciding the size and style of window required to maximize the air flow into your house.

To achieve optimized cooling of interior spaces, windows in Hawaii must be facing the wind.

Think About Insulation Needs

Before you settle on making your purchase, determine the insulation requirements of your home. Most sun-facing windows need to be able to block the warmth sufficiently to lower energy bills.

Opting for Energy efficient windows in Hawaii can lower utility expenses by a large margin, able to reduce energy bills by up to 30 percent.

Windows with a low U-Factor score blocks heat flow well, controlling the level of warmth seeping through the glass. Choose windows with a U-Factor score of 0.3 or less as such windows in Hawaii guarantee better insulation and cooling in your house.

Consider Your Maintenance Budget

Like with many coastal territories, home exteriorsand windows in Hawaii are prone to erosion due to the weather. Regular upkeep can be tiring and heavy on the budget. A little caution in deciding material and design can massively cut down the maintenance budget in the long run.

Certain designs are optimal for use in Hawaiian climate with the added benefit of cutting down cleanup time. Windows made of materials such as wood resin, vinyl and even fiberglass can thwart excessive wear and tear caused by the climate. These are constructed to hold up against wind humidity, salty air and scorching sunrays for extended periods.

Sliding and gliding window designs perform best where homeowners require easy maintenance. Their flexible design fits well within tight cleaning schedules and offer wider views to home owners to enjoy the Hawaiian scenery.

Energy efficient and coated glass windows are constructed with additional layers of insulation against heat and noise. Built to be highly secure and lower energy bills, these also tend to last longer, ranking amongst the better windows in Hawaii.

Take Inspiration from Design Elements

Windows add character to your home, while adding depth to the existing architecture. However even the most visually appealing installations can be troublesome if placed of the wrong size and style.

When stuck on a decision, the best alternative is to take cue from your home’s architecture to choose a suitable design.

Take into consideration the size of the room, the layout and exterior dimensions of the building to bring a balance to your design layout. While open space and wind facing walls can handle small and intricate designs, walls where the flow of air is restricted may fare better with larger windows to allow sufficient ventilation.

Hawaii’s climate is frequented by rainy and sunny periods, hence adjustable and sturdy designs fare well against rainwater and dry spells. Whether installed on interior or exterior walls, the Louver windows seamlessly blend design and functionality.

As one of the most popular designs of windows in Hawaii, the Louver window design is built with adjustable horizontal shutters. These allow homeowners the flexibility to control air flow and direct sunlight into living spaces.

If your wall faces lush green landscape, perhaps blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living can add a modern aesthetic to your home. A floor to ceiling contemporary framing window is ideal in such situation, to bring nature indoors to your living spaces.

Choose a Reliable Contractor

Choosing windows in Hawaii best suited to your home’s energy needs and aesthetics can be a daunting task. Opting for assistance of a professional with exemplary experience can make the process seamless, resulting in satisfying and effective installations every single time.

Sunburst Windows Hawaii, is a reliable name in the industry to get in touch with. Their extensive experience allows them to  offer stress-free consultations and services for all replacements and installation for windows in Hawaii.

If you are deciding on a window work project and need an expert to sail you through the process, call us for at 808-650-2287 for a consultation and free estimate today.


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