Our Window and Door Replacement Process

A seamless window and door replacement process is the goal of any window company. Here at Sunburst Windows Hawaii, we are no different. In fact, we go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with the job we’ve done. One way we can do that is keep you abreast of the timeline so you can feel a part of the process. When you’re looking for a quick, efficient window replacement project that will bring you increased comfort, energy savings and enjoyment, our local window company is the one to call.
Check out our detailed process for replacing windows and doors throughout Honolulu, O’ahu, Kahala and beyond:

Step 1: Take customized measurements. Our factory trained professionals visit your home for a preliminary measurement visit. This is to ensure your new windows are crafted exactly to the specifications of your home.

Step 2: Arrive the day of the project. Once your windows come, we will visit your home again to install them, bringing with us all the tools, equipment and designs we will need to complete your project.

Step 3: Prepare the space. In an effort to make more space for our work, we ask that you move furniture away from your windows and doors. This is also to avoid damage to your belongings. We place drapes over your furniture and flooring, and wear protective footwear to protect the surroundings.

Step 4: Remove old windows. Being careful to minimize dust and debris, we carefully remove your windows and take them with us for disposal.

Step 5: Install new windows. When installing your new windows, we take care to realign and readjust the levels so your replacement windows fit exactly in the event warping has occurred. Then we’ll test each window to ensure easy opening and closing.

Step 6: Weatherproof the windows and frames. We fill in any gaps between the new windows and frames with insulation foam to keep drafts at bay.

Step 7: We cover that foam with an attractive trim that complements your interior. We’ll then remove the protective film from your new windows and put all furniture back to its rightful position.

Step 8: Clean up. We never leave your home a mess. Rest assured, our team will clean up after ourselves and ensure you are left with a clean space.

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