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Getting Windows in Hawaii Ready for the Summer Season

Getting Windows in Hawaii Ready for the Summer Season

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Are you all geared-up for summer? Get your house ready to beat the heat as well with climate-proof doors and windows in Hawaii. Dealing with the tropical climate can always be difficult, especially when you want to protect your summerhouse and guest house from frequent cracks, which can be on the rise in the upcoming months.

Broken or faulty windows are not only aesthetically unappealing, but they can also allow excessive heat or wind to enter the house, making it uncomfortable to enjoy indoors.

Exposure to Heat and Humidity

Your home doors and windows in Hawaii face extreme temperatures in summers with August being the hottest month and July experiencing daily sunshine for up to 11 hours. The heat, humidity, and wind pressure can cause windows in Hawaii to constantly be under threat.

Many people would leave their homes for a few months only to come back and find worn off doors or windows. If they are left exposed to the tropical climate without maintenance, they tend to tear apart. Once the windows are wrecked, they let excessive heat and moisture inside the house. This, in turn, can lead to deteriorating floors, ceilings, and walls.

Climate damages doors and windows in Hawaii and in order to prevent the risk, it is essential to choose the right material for your windows. You can choose the right windows based on how much heat, light, and wind is desired in the house.

Choosing the Right Material

Many people prefer full-length glass windows to allow light in while others would prefer a cooler indoor space prevented from heat and light. The material you choose will change the entire look of your house. It is up to you to match the windows and doors to the façade, paint, and interior of your house.

So, how to choose windows in Hawaii that would be long-lasting throughout summers and even later? The right material is the key. If you know the main ingredient of your recipe, you’ve already done half the job. Keep in mind that living in a tropical climate, you would face everything from high wind pressure to heavy rainfall.

Window Frames

The materials used for window frames vary from wood, fiberglass, aluminum to vinyl. The type of frame will greatly affect the energy efficiency of your windows in Hawaii.

  • Wood tends to be more vulnerable to the tropical climate as it can easily rot or crack in the humid environment.
  • Fiberglass is used as a good option as it gives the closest look of wood and can withstand humidity and heavy rainfall. It is slightly expensive than wood and vinyl.
  • The best material for frames is aluminum as it is strong and prevents window frames from absorbing excessive heat and reduces condensation. This option is expensive but durable.
  • Vinyl is a cheaper option to replace wood in tropical climates as it is extremely durable and energy efficient.

Window Glass

Windows in Hawaii often use glass panels as they give a luxurious look to summerhouses with views that require full-length glass windows. To ensure durability in the climate, the types of glass that can be used are tinted glass, visible transmittance, and low-emissivity coated glass.

  • Tinted glass is a heat-absorbing glass which is made up of chemicals that react with heat and absorb the energy. The heat energy changes the color of the glass to gray or bronze instead of letting the energy enter your home. This is a cheap and affordable option but the drawback is that the window blocks natural light.
  • Visible transmittance glass is the one which limits the amount of sunlight that can be passed through. It is an expensive but more durable option that captures sunlight.
  • Low-emissivity coated glass is glazed to reduce the impact of the heat by up to 50%. It will prevent heat from seeping into the house while allowing the light to flood. You also get to enjoy the outside view. This is an affordable option.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider when choosing the right windows in Hawaii are the use of additional accessories including shades and thermal breaks. They can prevent the window from being directly exposed to heat and serve as excellent window protection.

Shades are a cheaper option which can help in maintaining the quality of windows, leaving room for only maintenance every summer. When the direct heat is blocked from reaching the windows, they remain safe from getting damages, torn off or cracked.

Long-lasting Fix

A long-lasting fix to the windows in Hawaii is only possible when the right repair and maintenance is done on them. If you leave your home exposed to the tropical climate all year round, windows will be the first to start wearing off.

Repair and maintenance work can be done to fix the smallest issue to bigger problems. When living in such weather, it is always suggested that windows be repaired seasonally with polish and buff to keep the dust off.

Without maintenance, eventually, windows can break and cause danger to the people living in the house. If broken or cracked, windows need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Go For It!

Before revisiting your homes this summer, make sure to give your house a summer makeover.

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