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7 Problems Your Home Windows Can Face | Windows in Oahu

7 Problems Your Home Windows Can Face | Windows in Oahu

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Many of us often fail to realize the importance of home windows. From controlling the indoor temperature to making your house look aesthetically pleasing – windows play a major role.

It is important for you to know exactly when your windows are calling out to you for help. There may be a bunch of issues that need to be addressed right away or can lead to a bigger problem. For example, small water leakage can give way to molds and bugs. A broken window can cause an injury to anyone in the house, and can even be a threat towards break-ins.

Here are different types of problems that you may find in your windows in Oahu. Read all about them and learn whether it’s better to repair or replace them.

1.  Broken Windows

The easiest to fix! Broken windows may be broken glass or a broken window frame. Both need to be fixed as they can lead up to damages and danger to those present in the house. Kids and pets can be highly exposed to broken glass or uncovered windows. It can also lure burglars.

Broken windows in Oahu need to simply be fixed or replaced. If a window frame is broken, it can be fixed while if the glass is broken, it needs to be replaced. Just make sure to have the right measurements and you are certain about the type of glass that you need. Types of glasses for windows in Oahu depend on various factors such as resistance, temperature control, heat exposure or house interior and exterior needs.

2.  Foggy/Condensed Window Glass

Foggy windows or condensation in window glass are weather-related problems that windows in Oahu can often face due to the humid and moisture.  The cause of this is when insulated seals break and moisture gets trapped in the window pane.

Condensation occurs when the temperature inside the house does not match with the outside temperature. This could be if your house is air-conditioned while it is humid outside.

Condensation or foggy windows aren’t always a serious issue but they will affect the energy efficiency if left untreated. If your windows in Oahu are foggy or condensed, that means your insulated seal is broken which could mean the heat or cold can enter the house. It can also affect the visibility from the window glass.

It is not necessary to replace the entire window. Replacement of only the glass panels can take place to address the issue of fog and condensation.

3.  Leaking Windows

Leaking windows can be water or heat both. Since the temperature in Oahu is warm throughout the year with the most part being wet, windows in Oahu homes can go through leakages.

Water leakage through windows can be the rainwater or the moisture in the atmosphere that the windows are no longer able to soak. This can lead to window frames being torn off especially if made of wood, vinyl or fiberglass. Water seepage can also affect the walls causing cracks and dampness.

Leakage can also be when windows are no longer able to absorb the heat. This means that the heat can enter your home, influencing the temperature. If windows in Oahu are not insulated, the extensive heat throughout the year can enter the house and cause damage to other items.

The solution to window leaks is to replace or repair them before they lead to more serious problems such as becoming home to molds and bugs.

4.  Faulty Hardware

The window knob, handle, screws, slides or any other fixture is hardware. Faulty hardware could mean a broken knob or a loose screw that could make the window weak.

Loose screws can harm the window frame and adjustment. Faulty hardware will also make it difficult to shut and open windows smoothly.

Repairing hardware is an easier and quicker job. Your window repairer knows what to do. If you don’t get it repaired, this small piece of hardware can cost you a whole window replacement.

5.  Cracks On the Edges or Glass

No one would like their home windows to give an unpleasant look. Cracks on the edges or on the glass can be a calling problem. They ruin the aesthetics that windows bring to your home.

Windows in Oahu may go through this problem due to the extreme heat most parts of the year. Cracks can also be hazardous and need repairs on them immediately.

Every window has a lifecycle. Like any other piece of furniture, eventually, windows will also wear off or start rotting, mainly because of weather or poor maintenance.

Early signs of wearing off in windows in Oahu are due to the weather conditions. Repair of such windows is needed as soon as they start showing the signs of wearing off. Some telltale signs that your windows are in need for repair include paint tearing down, deteriorating wood or vinyl, rusty screws or slides and others.

6.  Do Not Match Your Taste

Anything can go wrong if your mood changes. Windows you liked in your home can now feel wrong because of a change in your mood, or family setting. And this can become a problem.

Whether you want to change the amount of light entering your home or keep your house prevented from cold winds entering, wrong windows can ruin the mood. Replacing windows or playing with different tools such as shades, colored glass tints or paint on the frames can change the look of your entire house.

How to Fix Your Window Problems

Problems always come unannounced but having the right solution on the tip of your fingers is a blessing in disguise. Sunburst Windows is your place to go if you want to repair or replace your windows in Oahu facing any of the problems above. We are America’s #1 and are available to serve you our quality services at affordable prices. All you have to do is call us at 808-650-2287 and let us do the rest.



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