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Replacing and Repairing Windows Is Good For the Planet and Your Pockets | Hawaii

Photo By dima_sidelnikov at istock Energy efficiency is of huge importance in today’s world. With this, energy-efficient windows matter for a variety of reasons. Replacing an old, cracked, or drafty window can save you a ton on energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint. This will help you save money and energy. Hiring window repair […]

Signs That Your Windows Need Fixing | Oahu, HI

Photo By Fonrimso at istock Windows are the most neglected parts of the house. Most people will quickly notice a crack on the floor or a squeaking floor board, a door hinge that needs grease but rarely notice a window that needs fixing. Unless its pane is broken, we assume that all is well with […]

How Long Do Windows Last? | Oahu, HI

Photo By Artazum at Shutterstock If you’ve lived in your house a long time you might be wondering if your windows need to be replaced. Maybe you weren’t the first people to live there (which is common) and that means your windows are even older. But how do you know whether you should be replacing them […]

How to Recognize When It Is Time for Replacement Windows for Your Home | Hawaii

Photo By 21MARCH at Shutterstock Thankfully, you do not have to replace your windows in your Hawaii home every year or even every five years. If you properly care for your windows, they can last from fifteen to twenty years. That is good news for many homeowners since getting replacement windows is quite a costly process. […]

Signs You Need Window Replacement | Hawaii

Photo By Tom Gowanlock at Shutterstock Homeowners often raise concerns regarding when a window replacement is due. If you’re confused whether to repair or replace your home windows, first figure out the problem and its severity. In case the glass, sashes, or frames of the windows look damaged, worn out, or weak, it might be an […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Window Replacement in Oahu

Photo By karamysh at Shutterstock Windows are the front face of a house. Strong winds, hot and humid weather, rain and the intense sunshine, can damage your windows. Not only the weather, but unexpected things like a ball thrown carelessly can break a window and its other parts. Furthermore, time is your biggest enemy. Window […]


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