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Sunshine Comes Inside, Storms Stay Outside With New Windows From Sunburst Windows Windows | Oahu, HI

Sunshine Comes Inside, Storms Stay Outside With New Windows From Sunburst Windows Windows | Oahu, HI

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The Perfect Combination of Beauty and Strength

We’ve been getting some wild weather here in Hawaii in recent years. When heavy rain is hitting your window panes whipped by strong winds and roads are covered with fallen tree branches, it’s best to have new windows that will stand up to the weather. When the sun comes back out, it’s time to relax and watch what’s going on outside, soaking in the rays. Your windows are sources of strength for your home and also panes of light to enjoy. With Sunburst Windows of Hawaii supplying your new windows in Oahu, HI, they’re also beautiful compliments to your home’s design.

Altitude Makes a Difference for Hawaiian Homes and Their Windows

While Oahu may not have the altitude of some of the other islands, the location of your home here can change your climate a bit. You may get cooler breezes flowing through, a bit more moisture, or stronger sunshine depending on your location. Your windows should provide you with the best features for your specific spot on the island. Most importantly here on Oahu, when you want to breathe the fresh, fragrant air, it should be a simple matter to open up your home’s windows and enjoy.

An Upgrade for Storm Protection, and a New Look for Your Space

The weather does get a bit crazy here these days. There’s skiing in Hawaii! Volcano skiing, but still, we’re seeing weather changes of all sorts. It’s a good time to update your home’s window protection with the latest technology and construction. For older homes, new windows can be much more than simply functional replacements for your Oahu, HI house. They can be a chance to add carefully crafted details as the windows are expertly fitted in place.

A Word About Convenience

The products that we offer come from a tradition that has supplied over two million replacement windows. They provide unbeatable quality, aesthetics, affordability, and durability. When you need a window that slides, glides, or swings open to take in the fresh air, you can be sure that opening and closing your replacement windows will be a breeze. That’s the result of our leading design, high-quality mechanisms, and careful installation combined, and one of the many reasons why our warranty is one of the best. We want you to enjoy it.

Simple To Select and Order

You have two great resources for selecting your new windows: the convenient Sunburst Windows online catalog and information source, and our team of local window experts right here in town who have provided windows for so many local homeowners and builders. You get to shop at your leisure out on your lanai, then give us a call and ask all the questions you want, put your hands on our windows in our showroom, and be confident that you’ve made a wise investment in your home.

Our New Windows Fit Your Home’s Design Features

As a provider of products that have been architectural favorites for a long time, we focus on meeting your design needs and bringing you windows that enhance your existing home. Our extensive line of products includes new windows that are custom-made to fit your home and support your existing architectural features and design. Made of quality materials in a precision manufacturing environment, these include:

  • Double-hung
  • Casement
  • Bay and bow
  • Picture
  • Sliding/gliding
  • Awning
  • Specialty

Many of our customers find that they start out by thinking of several windows. As they see what we have to offer, they then proceed to ask us about updating most or all of their windows and doors for a renewed appearance throughout their home. We enjoy doing “makeovers” like these and offering our products and services packaged together for even better options. When the wind and rain hit the island, we’re glad to know that our customers are enjoying the protection of our products.

The Experience of Sunburst Windows Windowmakers

Whether you’re local or have just found your way here, you’ve surely heard about Sunburst Windows windows. They’ve been around for a long time, all over the mainland and here in the islands. Sunburst Windows windows are trusted investments that people have seen stand up to all kinds of weather and hold up confidently over time. They’re also the proud creations of people who know the beauty of windows and skilled craftspeople who use the latest technologies to make new windows that work hard to keep you safe, comfortable, and enjoying your days here.

Sunburst Windows Crafts Quality Replacement Windows

Sunburst Windows are an important feature of new construction, and the company wanted to make the same great quality and fit available to existing homeowners. They created Sunburst Windows to provide new windows that are custom made to fit as replacement windows without the extensive wall opening modifications that are sometimes required to accommodate in-stock windows. This allows us to provide you with elegant, secure windows that will serve you well for years.

A Spirit of Aloha in Our Window Service

Our respectful in-home sales visits, careful custom manufacturing for a perfect fit, and a warranty that gives you someone to turn to down the road all add up to our gratitude to have you as our customer. We see every sales opportunity as a chance to do what we do best for another of our neighbors, people who enjoy living in this wonderful environment. We’re glad that we can offer you such a top-notch product for your home, and professional services second to none.

Contact Us to Explore Your Sunburst Windows Window Choices

At Sunburst Windows of Hawaii, we serve our local customers with expert advice, quality installation, and innovative ideas. We know that your new windows can be so much more than a place to look out and see our beautiful island, and we’ll help you make the most of your home. Call us at 808-650-2287 and let’s talk about the possibilities.


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