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Replacement Windows: Why You Should Consider Sliding Windows | Oahu, HI

Replacement Windows: Why You Should Consider Sliding Windows | Oahu, HI

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If you’re currently weighing up the options for replacement windows in Oahu, you may be considering the installation of sliding windows. Among the many benefits of sliding windows and doors are their classic appearance, smooth operation, and ample viewing space. Sliding windows are a practical, popular design choice for homes with limited space that desire a quick and easy ventilation method. You can experience multiple benefits if you choose sliding models as your next windows, including the following:

Advantage #1: Efficient replacement windows.

Sliding windows are far more efficient than other types of windows. With a lack of complicated moving parts, the window can close tightly and firmly in one straightforward step. The seal created by a shut gliding window also assists with the energy-efficiency of your home. It prevents air filtering in from outside and also prevents cool air from escaping while you’ve got an air conditioner running.

Sliding windows from Sunburst by Anderson are Green Seal Certified, which means the replacement windows we offer are energy-efficient, and so are our installation practices. We achieve high energy efficiency with our windows by utilizing high-performance Low-E4 glass panes. Our standard Low-E4 sliding window glass package is 45% more efficient in summer and 56% more efficient in winter than ordinary dual-pane windows. Our SmartSun glass is up to 70% more efficient in summer when compared to dual-pane glass.

Advantage #2: Unobstructed views.

Sliding windows are larger than traditional double-hung windows. If one of the primary goals of purchasing replacement windows is to improve your view of the great outdoors, sliding windows are an excellent choice. A sliding window provides a more ‘natural’ view of the world, as sliding windows are wider than they are tall, and there is no obtrusive window handle to distract you.

The narrow, contoured Fibrex material frames that complement our glass panes also offer more of a viewing area than your traditional double window. Our unobtrusive frame design keeps your focus on the view.

Advantage #3: Easy operation.

One of the primary advantages of sliding windows is their ease of operation. Windows are often used to easily regulate the ventilation of rooms in your home or business. If the window opening mechanism is old or cumbersome, you may be less likely to utilize this advantage.

Thankfully, sliding windows are known for their simple operation. Typically, a sliding window consists of one stationary pane and a secondary moveable pane that slides on rollers or track. As long as the track is well-maintained, double sliding windows can be opened easily at the push of one finger.

Sliding windows can also be purchased as double- or triple-sliders for greater flexibility. Each pane is simply and safely moveable, with no need for complex locks, handles, or movement mechanisms. You also have greater control over the amount of ventilation that you allow, and can easily change the amount of open air with a single slide.

Advantage #4: Modern styling.

Sliding window designs vary, and there can be as many as three moveable windows. Most commonly, sliding replacement windows are used in single-slider or double-slider window styles. Double-sliding windows enhance the look of any modern Oahu kitchen and have sashes that open from each end. Windows with double-sliding panes provide greater ventilation to rooms that frequently cope with strong smells, making them the perfect choice to help modernize a kitchen.

Our replacement windows are compatible with unique Fibrex frames, an alternative to wood frames that combine the appeal of natural wood design and the low-maintenance aspect of vinyl. This modern frame style provides added strength and easily blends in with most modern décor.

Advantage #5: Space-saving design.

Sliding windows have a lower profile than traditional double-hung windows, making them a great space-saving alternative. Sliding windows also work better in hard-to-reach locations or spaces with limited outdoor access, as their low-profile design is easy to operate without the need to grab handles and twist mechanisms. As the window opens laterally, you won’t be cutting off any usable interior or exterior space when the window is open.

Advantage #6: Easy to maintain.

Replacement sliding windows are lower maintenance than other types. Pulleys, springs, and other components that typically fail over time are not utilized in sliding designs, so there’s less to take care of. If professionally installed, sliding windows can last for many years. Their enhanced durability makes them an excellent choice for replacement window frames, and often they guarantee a maintenance-free exterior.

It’s also often easier to install windows in slider frames. If your sliding window design involves a tilting feature, you can also experience effortless cleaning.

Sliding windows are not just easy to maintain themselves, they also ease the maintenance of your Oahu, HI, property interior. The low E-coatings on our sliding replacement windows effectively block the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, which helps to prevent sunlit furniture and flooring from yellowing and fading over time.

Quick Maintenance Tips for Replacement Windows

To maintain sliding windows, it can be as simple as cleaning the rollers or window track on a regular basis. There are very few moving parts to take care of. Regularly cleaning and greasing the window tracks is enough to ensure continued smooth operation.

Fibrex or vinyl frames also have a wipe-clean finish that’s easy to maintain using a damp cloth. They’re corrosion-resistant, rot-resistant, and resistant to cracking and pitting. Fibrex and vinyl also don’t require painting; their sleek finish is virtually maintenance-free when compared to more traditional wooden window designs.

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