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Knowing When You Need Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Knowing When You Need Replacement Windows | Hawaii

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With many things in your Hawaii home, it’s easy to know when you need to call a specialist and make a replacement. For example, if your air conditioner stops working properly, you’re going to feel the heat of a warm summer’s day pretty quickly.

With your windows, however, the signs can be a lot less obvious. Unless they break, windows can function for many years without the home owner picking up on the signs that they’re not operating at peak efficiency. However, if you’re paying attention, you can figure out the subtle clues that you need to at least consider replacement windows for your house. Here are a few things that you should look for!

Whistling Wind

This is a lot harder to pick up on the islands than it is on the mainland, because the temperature rarely drops low enough to feel cold air coming through your windows like it does in the continental United States. But if you’re listening to your windows, you can actually pick up a sign that you need to replace your windows, because you can hear air either coming into or exiting your home.

An easy sign that you’ve got an issue with your windows is the sound of whistling wind, because that means that you’ve got a draft somewhere in your home. Over time, windows can become drafty as small holes develop in your window frame, which can lead to much higher electric bills than you would otherwise have.

In Hawaii, that usually means that cold air is escaping your home and exiting into the warm exterior, but regardless of whether you like your home warmer or cooler than the outside temperature, drafty windows mean that you’re either going to need new windows or you can count on higher energy bills.

Loud Sounds

Have you been dealing with noisy neighbors, or the sounds of traffic coming from the highway? Believe it or not, the reason could actually be your windows, especially if you’ve got single-pane windows at your home. Single-pane windows don’t block outside noise anywhere near as well as newer double-paned windows do, and if you’ve still got older windows at your home, you’re likely going to hear a lot of the outside noise around your home.

Obviously, if you live in a more remote area, you’re far less likely to notice this. But if you live on a busy street and you’ve been hearing a lot of sounds from the highway or from your neighbors, there’s a real chance that it’s time to consider replacement windows. Not only will you notice a drop in the noise outside your home, but you’ll also cut back on your energy bills because your home won’t be losing cold air anywhere near as easily. That’s a win-win.

Stuck Windows

Here’s a sign that you’ll be able to notice no matter where your home is or what kind of windows you have. Your windows should always be easy to open or close, and if you’re constantly having problems getting them to do either one, it’s time to take a serious look at replacement windows.

Not only is a stuck window annoying, but it can be a drain on your finances and a real threat to your home’s safety. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, it’s rarely a good idea to leave a window unlocked and expose yourself to the outside world. When you’ve got a stuck window, there’s little you can do to protect yourself from threats.

There’s also the problem of losing cool air from the home to the outside. Let’s say that it’s a perfect day and you really want to open the window and relax. If you’ve got a stuck window, that’s not really an option because the weather could always turn, leaving you with a rather annoying problem if the rains come or the heat gets a bit uncomfortable. Replacement windows can be an easy solution to all of those problems.

Moisture On Your Windows

When you’ve got cold air meeting warm air, moisture is usually the result. However, when it meets on your windows, it’s really time for you to consider a replacement.

Newer double-glazed windows have a seal in between the two panels, which helps keep moisture from building up on your windows and keeps the windows operating the way they should. Unfortunately, if the seal breaks, the constant flow of air makes it very likely for problems to develop with your windows. When moisture is constantly present, mold spores are likely to follow, and the results are never good. Don’t give mold a chance to develop in your home; be sure to call for replacement windows as soon as you spot moisture on your windows in your home.

Frame Decay

Here’s another problem that can happen as a result of older windows that needs to be fixed. Once again, moisture is a large part of the problem and a major reason that you need to consider replacement windows. Beyond the seal breaking and the development of mold spores, moisture on your windows can seep down to the wood that makes up the frame of your windows, and if you’re familiar with humidity, you know that humidity can be disastrous for wood.

If you fail to notice any moisture building up on your windows, the next thing you’re likely to see is a decaying, rotting frame, which is a sure sign of problems with your home. Before it gets to that point, it’s time to call for replacement windows.

At Sunburst Windows, we’re proud to help keep homes looking their best, and that includes providing quality replacement windows when necessary. If your windows are showing signs of decay, moisture or other issues, it’s time to give us a call and plan on a replacement. We’ll help you choose the right replacement windows for your home and make sure that they’re properly installed to keep moisture, warm air and other issues out!


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