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Home Windows Service: The Types of Window Solutions We Offer and Why You Should Choose Us | Hawaii

Home Windows Service: The Types of Window Solutions We Offer and Why You Should Choose Us | Hawaii

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Windows are a very important aspect of every home. They play key roles in ensuring our homes are fresh and well lit. Taking good care of home windows is very crucial. As we all know, windows are mostly made of glass, making them very vulnerable to damage. Are they filled with chips on their inside? Are they sticky? These are some of the signs that show your windows need repair or replacement. In a normal set-up, windows are prone to damage from any source. Whether it is a wayward baseball or ice from tough weather, damage will still be done.

When you get in such a situation with your home windows, you need to get in touch with professional window installers immediately. At Sunburst Windows, we have a team of highly skilled window installers that will restore your damaged windows to normalcy. We have equipped them with the necessary tools and equipment to repair your windows in the best way possible. They will ensure windows are as efficient as new ones.

Sunburst Windows covers a wide range of window repairs and replacements. Discussed below are some of the services we offer.

Window Solutions Offered

Sunburst Windows prides itself in providing a wide range of window solutions to Hawaii residents. Below are some of them:

  • Double pane repairs: If you are keen on how windows work, you will realize that when moisture gets in between their panes, the seal tends to break. The major sign of this kind of damage to your window is low efficiency and poor visibility. Are you experiencing such signs with your home windows? Get in touch with us at Sunburst Windows immediately! We will send over our professional installers that will repair the seal and get its entire frame replaced.


  • Broken window repairs: Home windows tend to be at high risk of being damaged. Even with kids playing in the lawn, it could end up getting your window damaged. At Sunburst Windows, we understand the risk of having a broken window. Depending on the window type, our installers will repair it expertly and secure it from future damage. We also offer our broken window repair services at very affordable prices. All you have to do is get in touch with us!


  • Window frame repairs- When weather conditions are rainy and wet, chances of your window frame getting damaged or rotten are very high. At Sunburst Windows, we have trained window professionals that will get your frame repaired in the shortest time possible. They will seal your frames properly to prevent them from being damaged under the same circumstances.


  • Window mechanism repairs: With today’s technology, most home windows are built with crank levers, split locks or lock hinges. With time, these sections get rusty and make it difficult to open and close your window. It is prudent that you get in touch with a professional window expert when faced with such a situation.


  • Window screen repair: You can see the outside of your house through a clear window glass. When window screens get cracks or milky, vision will be poor. At Sunburst Windows, we repair any kind of window screen, be it a large sliding one or those hinged on the frame. Clear window screens will improve the beauty of your house. Always ensure they are in a perfect condition by getting a professional to regularly inspect them.

Being an established company, Sunburst Windows does not only focus on home windows. We provide several other services as discussed below. We are an all-around company and can handle any repairs we offer. We can fix chipped paint, hang window blinds, replace weather stripping among others. With us, your home will be in its perfect shape!

Window Inspection Services

Most homeowners admit that it is challenging to tell when home windows need repair or replacement. This is why Sunburst Windows offers window inspection services. We understand the challenge that comes with assessing window condition on your own. Our experts are highly experienced and will be able to tell whether your windows need a repair or have to be replaced all together. So it is advantageous for you to get your windows regularly inspected by a professional. Call us for more information regarding window inspection. We give unbiased and honest assessment after the inspection. We will inform you frankly when your windows are beyond repair. If that is the case, we still offer a wide variety of new windows you can choose from. Our windows are of the highest quality, energy efficient and come at affordable prices.

Quality Window Installation

Windows are the first thing that guests will see when they visit your home or business. They are even more important on a business building because they could convince people to do business with you. It is therefore very important to keep home windows in the perfect condition possible. Faulty windows come with a lot of disadvantages. Little gaps in your windows could lead to an increase in your utility bills. They could also lead to plants growing around your house. This is why good window maintenance is advised, and Sunburst Windows is the team to approach for that!

When you take good care of your windows, their lifespan also increases. This saves you a lot of money you could have spent on repairs and such related bills. There are certain measures you can put in place to ensure your home windows are in a good condition. Below are some of those measures.

  • Inspection: To ensure your windows are in the perfect condition in Hawaii, get them regularly inspected by a professional. An expert will inspect them for rot in frames, cracks and glass condition. If such signs are noticed, a repair needs to be done immediately.


  • Sealing gaps: When gaps are noticed in window frames, it means your house foundation is alternating and affecting the structure of your window. Get in touch with a professional to get it repaired.

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