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Is it a Good Idea to Get Energy Efficient Windows in Hawaii?

Is it a Good Idea to Get Energy Efficient Windows in Hawaii?

When homeowners think of energy efficient windows in Hawaii, apart from thinking of the savings, they think of their insulation properties. Most people tend to associate these windows with colder climates since insulation is a necessity for colder climates.

Given the tropical temperature that Hawaii enjoys, it’s easy to doubt that energy efficient windows will be any good here. With winters that never reach freezing subzero temperatures, Hawaii is a tropical paradise. So, do you really need to get insulating, energy efficient windows in Hawaii?

It’s the Best Option

Before you write them off completely, you should realize that energy efficient windows can be used all over the globe and most definitely in Hawaii. The sunny, temperate climate can definitely make it necessary for one to have energy efficient windows in Hawaii.

The following are a few other pointers which highlight just why it is a good idea to get these:

Enjoy the Summers More

Hawaii is a sunny temperature and Oahu, in particular, experiences around 300 days of summer. If you’ve lived in other sunny cities such as Miami or Tampa, the weather in Hawaii can be swelteringly hot. During this time, you can expect your HVAC system to work round the clock to keep your home at a cool and tolerable climate.

Getting energy efficient windows in Hawaii is a good idea because these windows are treated to prevent heat loss and transference. Additionally, the U-Value of the windows ensures that non-solar heat loss doesn’t occur. Low E-Coatings and the use of gas fills also help to prevent the transference of cold or hot temperatures. With these windows, summers can become more pleasant indoors and you won’t be sweating through your favorite shirt at home.

You Save and Get Benefits

Savings through energy efficient windows in Hawaii are more significant since you get to directly reduce your HVAC costs. Additionally, energy consumption is also reduced since your home is going to be better insulated. With their help, you can make your energy efficient by as much as 70% during the sweltering summer days.

Even during winters, your home will be 45% more energy efficient. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting a hefty bill. Apart from saving on your energy bill, using energy efficient windows in Hawaii can also make you eligible for tax benefits. Hawaii has also introduced various initiatives to reward the use of these windows and incentivize them for everyone.

Fewer Issues with Condensation

Hawaii has a lot of humidity, particularly during the summers and regions like Oahu and Kauai receive the most rainfall throughout the year. This means that humidity can create a lot of condensation on your windows which in turn, increases the amount of water damage in your home. With the help of energy efficient windows in Hawaii, you can counter this issue.

Smart windows usually have insulating frames and make use of a warm edge technology to keep the condensation at bay. With their help, they are able to maintain the temperature in a manner that prevents condensation from forming. With this feature, the condensation is minimized or completely eliminated. This means that having these windows in Hawaii can benefit you a lot.

No Fading Issues with Larger Windows

The scenic views in Hawaii are some of the best and whether it’s sunset, sunrise or even night time, people love to enjoy these views as much as possible. It’s natural for homes to have large windows that also allow them to get the most natural light into their home. However, during the day, these very same windows can be a source of annoyance, particularly as they can contribute to heat loss.

Additionally, the sunlight that comes inside gets magnified by the glass and can cause damage to the interior of the house. It’s not uncommon to have a patch on the carpet, the sofa or the curtains become discolored. However, if you’re using energy efficient windows in Hawaii, you don’t have to worry about this. The coatings on this glass can nullify the harmful effects of UV rays and other forms of solar radiation that can damage your furnishings.

It’s clear to see that having energy efficient windows in Hawaii can give you a lot of benefits and improve the comfort level of your home.

How to Pick Energy Efficient Windows in Hawaii

Now that you have decided that you want to use energy efficient windows in Hawaii, you should pick them with care. Not all of them will deliver you the benefits you are looking for. The following are a few pointers on how to pick the best ones for you:

Compliance with the Local Code

All energy efficient windows in Hawaii need to be in compliance with the local code for energy. A safe bet is to use certified Energy Star windows. These are designed to meet or at times, exceed the requirements placed by the energy code.

Examine the NFRC Label

Another way that you can verify compliance with the local energy code is by looking at the National Fenestration Rating Council Label – NFRC Label. This verifies the compliance and also showcases other details such as energy properties, the Low E rating, U-factor, gas fill performance and other fine details.

Customize in Accordance with Your Usage

When you’re getting energy efficient windows in Hawaii, always make sure to customize them to your windows, instead of vice versa. Different homes have different window styles which contribute to their curb appeal and more. By getting a window that matches the home style and aesthetic, you can easily ensure that you’re adding value to your home with these.

Work with the Best!

If you’re looking to get the best, energy efficient windows in Hawaii, you need to get in touch with Sunburst Windows. Having worked in the industry for generations, our professionals understand all challenges faced by homeowners. From helping you find the perfect windows to enhancing your home’s other glass fixtures, we can help you get a home that is beautiful, energy efficient and has a high market value!






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