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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Energy Efficient House Windows in Oahu

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Energy Efficient House Windows in Oahu

Getting energy efficient house windows in Oahu can seem like a good decision, but you should always weigh the associated advantages and disadvantages. By taking an objective look at both sides, you can make an informed opinion about whether you should get energy efficient house windows in Oahu.

In this manner, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort when making your mind up. To help you make your mind up, we’re listing down some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages you can get:

The Biggest Advantages

The advantages that you get from energy efficient house windows in Oahu are numerous but the following are some of the most notable ones that you should consider:

1.   Save on Bills

Energy efficient house windows lower your energy consumption which, in turn, lowers your energy bills. Your HVAC costs are also greatly decreased since you won’t be running it constantly. The savings you get to experience with the help of these windows depends a lot on the kind of temperature you experience.

In areas like Oahu, where the weather means that cooling is more important, you can experience savings from around 7% to 30% on an annual basis. Luckily, with the help of other practices, you can experience more savings and lower your energy consumption in a healthy manner. The kind of glass used can also make a marked difference.

2.   Deal with Less Condensation

Glass with lower E rating is usually insulated properly and makes use of warm technology. Both these factors combine to ensure that you don’t get condensation on the panes. This makes energy efficient house windows in Oahu a good decision since this region gets a lot of rainfall and humidity. In fact, Oahu is ranked among the top 2 spots for the most rainfall in Hawaii.

Condensation tends to cause a lot of water damage, to the frame, the surroundings and more. Luckily, if you use energy efficient house windows in Oahu, you will be able to minimize the condensation you experience. Additionally, since it repels condensation, you don’t have to worry about frost collecting on the panes of your windows either.

3.   Enhanced Comfort

Drafty windows, heat loss and more can all be reduced with the help of energy efficient house windows in Oahu. In fact, these two are the biggest complaints that people have with older windows. The single glass pane and the non-insulated frame contribute to making the windows inefficient. Apart from this factor, energy efficient house windows in Oahu can also lower the probability of house drafts since they usually have insulation.

This means that hot air doesn’t cool next to the cold window and turn sink. This continuous cycle is responsible for creating a draft near the windows and making the room become colder. Instead of turning on the HVAC, you should just get energy efficient windows that have insulation and enhance the comfort.

4.   Lower Costs for HVAC

When thinking about the HVAC system of your home, you probably have a huge sprawling one to help with the humid and temperate environment. With 300 days of summer, Oahu can be a bit too warm during the summers. However, when you get energy efficient house windows in Oahu, you can easily increase the insulation properties of your home.

This means that you don’t have to keep your HVAC system running for longer. Additionally, you can opt for smaller HVAC systems which can keep your home cool with ease. Since the house is now properly insulated, you won’t have to worry about your not staying cool during the summers with a small HVAC system.

The Biggest Disadvantages

While the advantages associated with energy efficient house windows in Oahu are usually highlighted, there can be some disadvantages as well. The following are the most notable ones that you should consider:

1.   Can Require Frame Changes

When getting energy efficient house windows, you won’t just have to change the glass panes but also the frames of your window. This can be an expensive endeavor and can require a complete replacement.

However, frame replacement is necessary since double pane or triple pane windows aren’t always suited for use on lighter frames. The frame needs to be strong enough to support these panes so you will have to spend more time and money to get them properly replaced.

2.   Aren’t Really Needed for Winter

With 300 days of summer, you don’t really need to get energy efficient house windows in Oahu. Additionally, the savings you get from them are better suited for summer. During the hot days, you can cut your energy bill down by as much as 70%.

In comparison, during the summers, your energy bills will only give you a saving of 45%. For some people, this might not be worth the effort. On the other hand, the 70% savings are really worth the cost of getting energy efficient house windows in Oahu.

3.   High Costs Associated with Them

Getting these windows for your homes can be cost effective but they can be rather expensive to get. Double pane windows are more affordable but triple pane windows can often be out of budget for most homeowners. Couple with the cost of insulating frames and more, you can easily see a hefty bill for the costs.

Luckily if you look at them as an investment, you can see that you will be recouping the money by the savings you make in your bills. Additionally, Hawaii also has some incentive programs for homeowners who want to start using energy efficient house windows in Oahu.

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