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Signs That Your Windows Need Fixing | Oahu, HI

Signs That Your Windows Need Fixing | Oahu, HI

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Windows are the most neglected parts of the house. Most people will quickly notice a crack on the floor or a squeaking floor board, a door hinge that needs grease but rarely notice a window that needs fixing. Unless its pane is broken, we assume that all is well with our windows regardless of the signs that we need to replace them. While they generally last longer, their shelf life is dependent on your locality. People living in coastal areas like Oahu, HI tend to replace or fix them more often as opposed to those in the mainland because of the humidity levels. Here are some of the signs that your home need fixing by a pro sooner than you think.

Jammed Window Panes

You may realize that lately it takes you longer to open your windows than it did before. While people usually ignore this as normal, they may end up breaking if not fixed. Some of the common cause for this is a buildup of moisture on the pane or accumulation of rust. It could also mean that parts of the pane are rotting, therefore needing to be replaced. It is advisable to get a professional who is able to replace the rotten parts or replace the entire window before more damage is done.

Rusted Locks and Hinges

You do not need to look very far to notice that the metal locks and hinges that hold your window are covered with rust. Though seemingly innocent, that brown coating weakens and makes them susceptible to wind storms and other external environmental forces common in Oahu, HI that may try to force their way in. Therefore, having an expert look at you hinges will save you from replacing the whole window when a storm knocks it off. The professionals will also be able to give you tips on how to keep rust off your metal locks and enjoy lasting and maintenance free home.

Cooler Temperature in the House

Have you noticed that your house feels suspiciously cooler even though the weather outside is very hot? This may be a sign that the insulation on your window panes has worn off. While one may quickly argue that a little breeze during summer time has no harm, the same cannot be said of a chilling breeze during winter Oahu, HI. Ignoring this sign can end up costing you a lot of money in purchase of heaters during the cold season. To avoid these extra expenses, seek the service of experts who can replace and fix your window panes before you regret it.

Mold on the Windows

While we are quick to notice mold on our walls or floors, most times we ignore the mold on the less visible walls. Regardless of the surface on which it is found, mold has a significant effect on your respiratory system. It is likely to affect the quality of air that you and your household are inhaling. In line with this genuine health risk, it is advisable to replace anything with molds immediately to prevent more damage to your health. Washing or wiping off the mold will not mitigate the problem but only delay the effects that are sure to follow.

A Home Makeover

You might be tired of the old look that your house has and choose to breathe new life into it. One of the most important parts that you must consider is the windows. Their design and sizes will determine the general feel of your house. If for instance you want to go for a modern classy look, you might get it right with the floors, walls and home appliances but if the framed-windows are still the old designs, it waters down your renovation. Therefore, find an expert who deals with windows to know the right fit for the look you are going for.


It goes without saying that if your windows are broken, then they need to be fixed immediately. While this may appear to mean replacing the whole old-window, technology has allowed for experts to fix the broken part without affecting the other good areas. However, this only applies if the damage is not too much and can be controlled. It is the best option if you are looking at a tight budget or the damage was unexpected and unplanned for. However, experts warn that this is only a mitigating solution and not a lasting one. In the long run, you may need to replace the whole window.

Pest Infestation

Going through an outbreak of pests that significantly damaged the wooden part of your home should be a sign that your windows need to be replaced. In most cases, the pests and insects may burrow themselves on the window frames or eat away as is the case of termites. These automatically weaken the frames making the window panes prone to falling off or being broken as you open and close them. Therefore, as you assess the damage done at the end of the outbreak, consider replacing whatever has been destroyed just to be safe.

Water Damage

If you have just survived a hurricane, floods or any other water hazard, there is a likelihood that your windows have severe damage caused by the water. Even if the window-frames look good at first glance, you will notice that the wooden frame appears rotten or the window panes are always covered with moisture. This is a call for you to immediately replace them and avert any further damage.

If you notice or are experiencing any other signs outlined above, then it is time for you to replace your once lovely windows. Whether you want to replace them after they have been damaged or just for aesthetic value, Sunburst Windows of Hawaii is you go to company. We are able to guide on the best type and fit them for you at an affordable fee. You will also be able to choose the design that you want from our wide variety available. If you are thinking of a place that offers a unique design that is custom made then Sunburst Windows is what you need.


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