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Signs You Need Window Replacement | Hawaii

Signs You Need Window Replacement | Hawaii

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Homeowners often raise concerns regarding when a window replacement is due. If you’re confused whether to repair or replace your home windows, first figure out the problem and its severity. In case the glass, sashes, or frames of the windows look damaged, worn out, or weak, it might be an indication that it’s about time that you start looking for new windows.

Judging the condition of the window, most of the time buying new windows might seem like a more sensible and affordable option compared to repair.

When to Get a Window Replacement

Start looking for a reliable window company if you’re facing one of the following problems.

Rotten Wood

When you notice that the wood surrounding the glass starts to rot, that’s an indication that you need to replace yourhome windows. Rot usually occurs as a result of water exposure and windows that aren’t painted properly can be vulnerable. When the paint comes off or cracks in some places, the water flows in and molds start forming. The water exposure could be due to rain, stray lawn sprinklers, or simply continuous exposure to the moisture of Hawaii’s air.

The wood rot is more likely to occur in the following spots

  • the window frames
  • the sashes
  • the dividers

If you spot the rot early, the areas can be patched and repainted. It might not be visible, but the damage can be complex and affect the structural integrity of the wood. Most of the time, the repair cost is much higher than the cost of a new set of windows. That’s why you should go for a window replacement when the wood rots.

Broken Window Panes

A broken pane is the most obvious case of window damage. Be it a crack, a chip, or a big hole through the pane, you need to deal with such issues on an immediate basis. Harsh storms or even a ball flying into the window pane can result in cracks and shattered glass.

Although in some cases, there might not be a crack throughout the window, but there could be scratches in the glass that compromise its integrity. These issues usually occur due to the use of abrasive cleaners. You can ask a window replacement company to replace the compromised glass. In case the window frame is vintage and kept well-preserved, a new glass pane installation would be a good option. A complete window replacement is the best choice if the cracked glass is within a set of vinyl frames.

Broken Window Seals

The window seal is one of the common areas that go through wear and tear, which might split or crack due to exposure to harsh weather, and with the passage of time. Between double panes, the broken seal is a result of condensation, which occurs due to fog formation along the glass. The heat in the rooms causes the recurring fog to dampen the seals, causing them to expand and contract. Every time the seal dries back, its integrity is reduced and compromised.

Considering home windows, dealing with a broken seal is one of the more irreparable issues. When you have a broken seal, it’s hard to retrieve the pane. To put it simply, it’s difficult to separate the broken seals from the glass pane and remove the pane from the frame in order to replace the seals. Hence, a broken seal would require you to get an entire window replacement.

Jammed Windows

If your house windows haven’t been opened for an extended time period, you might realize that it won’t even move an inch, even when you push it hard to let air in. This might be due to expansion or contraction between the frames and sashes, which can happen with time as passing seasons take a toll. In such cases, the best option is to get new windows.

A stubborn window might also be the result of sashes and frames being stuck together by layers of paint. Its also possible that a window refuses to open because dirt or grime along the tracks have bonded the two parts.

In case the components are bound by paint, the problem can be resolved using available tools which can cut through the layers of paint. But you should let the Sunburst Windows of Hawaii handle this for you as the frames and seals can get damaged if the process isn’t handled by a professional. However, it’s better to get window replacement if the bonded components can’t be separated without causing damage, and the parts are old enough to be replaced.

Drafty Windows

You might be stuck in a situation completely opposite to the previous one, where a window won’t close and air slips through, or a window, despite being shut fails to insulate the room. In both these cases, there might be gaps between the sashes, frames, and dividers. Drafty windows usually occur due to one of these reasons:

  • crack or peeled off caulking, indicating maintenance
  • exposure to extreme weather conditions, especially in old homes
  • loose sashes as a result of years of opening and closing
  • rotten wood due to exposure to moisture

By fresh application of caulk along the gaps, the first issue can be solved easily. However, the other problems require you to get a window replacement. It’s the most sensible option as in most of these cases the repair of the individual parts would cost more.


When you’re faced with any of the above instances, contact an expert forwindow replacements. Sunburst Windows is one of the best window companies in the Hawaii area, and our services are just a call away!


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