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Replacing and Repairing Windows Is Good For the Planet and Your Pockets | Hawaii

Replacing and Repairing Windows Is Good For the Planet and Your Pockets | Hawaii

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Energy efficiency is of huge importance in today’s world. With this, energy-efficient windows matter for a variety of reasons. Replacing an old, cracked, or drafty window can save you a ton on energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint. This will help you save money and energy. Hiring window repair and replacement companies such as Sunburst by Anderson can help you achieve this feasible goal.

Did you know that, according to a study conducted by the American Energy Association that, up to 60 percent of energy waste is a result of poorly insulated windows and doors? That means that up to 60 percent of the air and heat you pay for could just be floating away in the atmosphere. Therefore, ensuring each window and door is energy efficient is one of the most cost-effective and carbon-footprint reducing things you can do for your home and your pockets.

To start the process, try consulting with a professional company in the area, such as Sunburst by Anderson. They can assist you by finding out which area of the house needs to be addressed first. According to research, starting at the top of the building or the bottom is the best place to start. The basement and the attic are where energy escapes from the most. You might notice that the basement and attics are usually drafty and cold or humid and hot; this is typically due to poor insulation.

The expert you hire to facilitate your window replacements and repairs can also inform you on the types of windows available to you, in order to increase energy efficiency; some of those options may be double or triple-paned glass. Simply replacing a single-paned window with a double-pane one can cut down on energy cost exponentially. The science behind this logic is due to the windows density, the thicker the glass, the fewer chances temperatures from the outside can seep in and vice versa. Double-paned glass doesn’t always do the trick, this typically happens in areas with extreme temperature. If you find yourself in this predicament, then choosing a triple-paned glass might be the best option.

Energy-efficiency should also equate to beauty, hiring companies like Sunburst by Anderson will get you just that. It’s important to have windows that you want to look through and open when the opportunity arises. It would be a shame to have to sacrifice the outside beauty of Hawaii with an unappealing window to look out of. Sunburst by Anderson will help save you money in the long run, while also improving your property value with beautifully installed, and insulated windows.

What to Expect from a Window Replacement or Repair

The benefits of window repair and replacement are both good for your pockets and the environment, but there is a difference. Replacing a window is sometimes referred to as retrofitting. Retrofitting is when you keep the existing window, then patch any leakage and damage that may have been caused due to damage, or natural wear and tear.

A replacement window is when the entire window is being replaced. Replacing a window doesn’t have to be done with the same kind of materials used previously. This technique offers more options for your window needs. Window Replacement is sometimes referred to as new construction.

Knowing whether you should choose to repair or replace a window can be an easy or difficult decision to make depending on the circumstances. Here are some signs to help you decide whether to replace or repair it.

To Replace or Repair

A window can sometimes rot and decay due to the environment. If water seeps into the frame this could cause significant damage to your windows frame and lead to mold growth. In cases such as this, the best thing to do for your health and property is to replace the entire window. Rot and decay usually happens to wooden frames, which is hard to repair. Wooden frames can lead to other issues such as termites without proper treatment. Consult with a professional on the use of other materials or treatments to assist with the permanent elimination of this issue.

Window Painted Shut

Hiring armatures to paint your homes or doing yourselves can result in a never opening window. Sometimes, houses come with the them painted shut similar to the uselessness of non-working pockets found on most women’s jeans. A permanently shut window may be ok when it’s chilly outside but unbearable when all you want to do is smell the fresh breezy air of Hawaii. In this case, it would be wise to simply repair it. This can be a quick fix that ensures you get to enjoy the breeze whenever you want.

Historical Homes and Maintaining Its Value

Historical Properties are beautiful for their timeless architecture. The lack of modern and efficient amenities can be inconvenient. The properties of rich history may be a deterrent for any major renovations and or new construction projects. Older homes were all typically made with single-paned glass windows which are notoriously drafty. Replacing a basic single-paned window with a double or triple-paned window would be a won’t mess with the integrity of the home’s historical value.

However, historical homes sometimes have extravagant unique or stained glass designed ones that add value to the property. Removing or replacing them could lower property value. In this case, you’ll want to simply repair the window to retain the historic beauty it originally came with. Having a professional come in to assist with insulation and sealing of the windows would be the more ideal option. Consult with Sunburst by Anderson to receive professional assistance with the repair and replacement for any window.


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