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Casement Windows are a Really Great Option for Replacement Windows in Oahu

Casement Windows are a Really Great Option for Replacement Windows in Oahu

The casement window, as it exists today, is markedly different from other replacement windows in Oahu. The main differentiating feature of these windows is that they have the capability of swinging outwards on a side hinge, which is firmly anchored into the wall. However, casement windows are also currently available with multiple hinges for extra support.

A typical casement type of replacement windows in Oahu is typically equipped with a certain type of metallic sash, which usually opens in a ‘horizontal direction’ rather than a ‘vertical one.’ In fact, this type of window control sash is placed directly across the hinged section of the window rather than on top of it, as is common with most conventional window types that are found in Hawaii today.

This is done to make sure that the window structure can attract a constant breeze into your home, workplace or any other personal space where these types of casement windows are used as replacement windows in Oahu.

The casement window can easily be installed as a standalone unit, or as an individual unit, or as is commonly seen in Oahu, as a paired set. Sometimes many such windows can also be used for maximum effect. This usually means that the entire wall consists of a set of four windows, with each individual set facing each other.  Using such a full set of ‘wall to wall’ casement replacement windows in Oahu can help ensure that the airflow inside the room is maximized to its full potential.

Furthermore, these windows also allow maximum sunlight into the room that they have been installed in. This way, you can easily utilize the natural ambient light in your house rather than the artificial lighting. This will reduce your energy bills. In the long run, this will not only help you save a lot of funds, but will also decrease your light fixture usage as well.  And of course, the lesser the lighting expense, the more your savings in terms of replacement and service costs.

Another advantage of this type of window is that it let plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight into the room. This way, you do not have to rely on your bulky, energy guzzling HVAC equipped climate control system to cool or even heat the room. Rather, your brand-new casement replacement windows in Oahu can do the needful, without any need to resort to artificial climate control measures.

However, for your casement replacement windows in Oahu to remain open all the time, i.e., without crashing shut every time there is a stray gust or a stiff breeze, it is vital that some sort of locking mechanism stays firmly secure.  Such a mechanism does exist, and it is called a “Casement Stay.”

•   The Various Types of Casement Stays Currently Available in Hawaii

Let us take a closer look at the different types of ‘stays’ for casement style replacement windows in Oahu.

o   The Adjustable Casement Stay

Most of the common casement stay mechanisms simply consist of a block of iron (or steel) that is affixed to the frame of the window. This block of metal has multiple perforations at periodic intervals over its surface. Even as the window is opened, the desired angle at which you want to secure it can be achieved simply by dropping the latch on to the protruding slab of metal that is fixed on the wall where the window is located. The stay will be able to do its job, provided that there is a corresponding hole on the casement stay.

o   The Fixed Type of Casement Stay

All these types of casement stays must be mounted on the wall rather than on the frame of the window. They have usually been constructed in the form of a hook that latches on to a perforation that is placed into the window frame. These types of stays have been designed to keep the casement replacement windows in Oahuopen only at a particular angle and are not adjustable in any way.

o   Deadbolts

A deadbolt is affixed either to the very top or at the bottom of the window. Once it slides home into its slot, then the window is securely fastened, and it cannot be opened at all, regardless of how windy it may be outside. Most deadbolts are commonly found amongst many casement replacement windows in Oahu as well as other parts of Hawaii.


The Casement replacement windows in Oahu generally tend to offer far better ventilation than most other types of windows, including picture and bay windows. This is precisely why they enjoy widespread popularity, not just in the United States but also in many other countries all over the world. This has a lot to do with the myriad inherent advantages and benefits that they bring.

•   Conclusion

In the light of the above discussion, it can be concluded that if you have decided to opt for replacement windows in Oahu, then one of the best options would be the ever-popular casement window.

This is because not only do such windows allow the ingress of fresh air and sunlight, as an when required, but they also look good and increase the overall external and internal beauty of your property.

The highly professional experts at Sunburst Windows can easily and safely install these energy efficient windows at your home or office. Just log on to their site and call them for an estimate for replacement windows in Oahu.



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