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Double Pane Window Replacement in Hawaii: Because Two Panes Are Always Better Than One!

Double Pane Window Replacement in Hawaii: Because Two Panes Are Always Better Than One!

Double pane windows are a recent development. They are a really unique type of energy saving window system.  Unlike their more conventional slider or casement window counterparts, these windows are equipped with not one but two separate glass panes. Both of these panes are separated from each other by a small space (usually less than an inch) that has been created as a vacuum (or alternatively, it is filled with non-combustible gas).

These types of windows are an excellent choice for window replacement in Hawaii because their dual glass and vacuum/inert gas system is an excellent way of conserving energy. Moreover, these windows also provide a very high level of insulation against noise pollution and are very environment-friendly. Thus, they are the ideal choice for window replacement in Hawaii.

Sometimes they also perform as storm windows. These are typically mounted on the primary or main windows as a form of protection against violent tropic storm and to provide an additional level of insulation to protect the internal temperature from the external environment.

There are many different advantages of installing double pane windows in your home:

When you are considering window replacement in Hawaii, you should take a look at the many advantages that double pane windows offer in terms of both aesthetics as well as serviceability.

•   Considerably Lower Energy Bills

Your typical double pane window has been manufactured in such a way that it can easily help to retain the temperature in the room where it is located for a very long period of time. This means that your climate control system will not have to work extra hard to keep the room warm or cold. And if the temperature of the internal environment is maintained, then the thermostat will not need to work for that long. In the long run, it will lead to considerably lower energy bills. Yes, the one-time cost of window replacement in Hawaii may be a trifle expensive, but the costs are quickly recovered through lower electricity bills.

•   Smaller Environmental Footprint

A major benefit of window replacement in Hawaii (that can be derived through the installation of double pane windows) is that they are far more environment-friendly than just about all their single pane counterparts. This is due to the fact that their usage is typically characterized by low energy consumption in the room due to their great insulation properties. Lower consumption of energy does not only mean lower fuel bills but also lesser CO2 emissions in the long run.

•   Window Replacement in Hawaii Can Also Help Decrease Sound Pollution


These newer, more insulated windows can easily dampen all sorts of ambient noise a lot better than single pane windows. This is because the dual layers of glass, coupled with the vacuum in between them, can make the passage of sound waves more difficult. This leads to a considerably quieter room.

When opting for window replacement in Hawaii you should also keep into consideration the various components of energy efficient double pane windows so that you will be able to extract maximum benefit from them.

•   Glass

This is the single most important component of just about all windows, regardless of their type. As a matter of fact, the twin sheets of glass that constitute a double pane window system have to be at least 6 millimeters thick.  When discussing window replacementwith your window replacement company, you should always ask for different options. Such as full clear or tinted glasses.  You can use light tints in case the window faces the sun.

Apart from that, you can even use completely opaque glasses to not only keep out excess sunlight but also provide a measure of privacy for the inhabitants of the house. The glass in most such double pane windows is usually extra hardened so that it does not crack or become brittle due to extreme temperatures. Moreover, it is also able to withstand rain and hail storms without cracking or breaking.

•   Spacers

The spacers that are usually installed in double pane windows for the purpose of window replacement in Hawaii are filled with inert gas to ensure optimum utilization of the window’s energy retention properties. The space between the two panes is generally determined by the experts at window replacement in Hawaii.

•   Frames

Dual pane windows are almost always far heavier than any sort of traditional single pane window system. This is why they always require very sturdy frames.  While both metal and wood frames may be used, the single most common frame material that is used by the best professionals in the field of window replacement in Hawaii is fiberglass. This is because this material has the capacity to hold substantially heavy weights without losing structural integrity, even over extended periods of time. Furthermore, this material is very lightweight, when compared to iron and steel alternatives. Another really great frame material is ‘aluminum.’ It is also very useful for this purpose since it is lightweight and sturdy and almost impervious to the external elements, regardless of the area where the window is located.

•   Conclusion

In the light of the above discussion, we can easily conclude that whenever you decide to go for window replacement in Hawaii, one of the best possible window types would be the ‘double pan window’. This is because they are highly energy efficient, have the capability of looking very good, and increase the overall curb appeal of your property. The people at Sunburst Windows can easily install energy efficient windows at your home or office. You can call them with complete confidence for all your window replacement needs.


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