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Window Replacement Companies in Hawaii: The Perfect Solution to Your Energy Problems

Window Replacement Companies in Hawaii: The Perfect Solution to Your Energy Problems

There are very many window replacement companies in Hawaii that specialize in energy efficient windows. However, most of them may not be up to the standard, and air and heat may leak through the windows installed by such ‘fly by night’ operators.

However, the really good window replacement companies in Hawaii are not only designed to help curb energy bills, but they can also significantly decrease the overall environmental footprint of the homeowner in Hawaii.

As a matter of fact, these newly installed windows can keep your home warm or cool. Thanks to their exceptional ventilation properties, they can also substantially decrease your electricity bills by reducing your reliance on climate control systems.

But here it is pertinent to note that the efficacy of a particular type of energy efficient window installed by top-notch window replacement companies in Hawaii is almost entirely dependent on their construction material and workmanship.  This is why it is very important that once you have decided on any specific type of energy efficient window, you should also decide on its constituent components. These include the following common ones:

  • Designing
  • Glass
  • Frame
  • Installation

•   Glass

Glass has been the primary component used for the construction of windows since it was invented. The sheer popularity of glass as the single most common window construction material did not change even with the creation of different types of other materials, which are now being used by many different window replacement companies in Hawaii.  These days both double and triple pane energy efficient windows are pretty popular all over Hawaii and Oahu, in particular.  The glass panes installed in such windows are thicker than conventional windows and the space between them is often filled with different sorts of inert gasses so that overall energy retention is maximized. This way, the rooms where such windows are located remain noticeably cooler, even when the climate control system is set to a lower setting.

Such windows also protect the room from harsh sunlight and its accompanying UV (ultraviolet) radiation in the summers, ensuring that your furnishings do not fade over time. Alternately, the tinted glass on such windows provides a level of privacy and cools down the room during the hottest days of the summer season.

•   Designing

There are many window replacement companies in Hawaii that use energy efficient designs. Some of the more popular window designs include the following ones:


o   The Double Pane Window Set-up

A double pane window installed by any of the more professional window replacement companies in Hawaii will almost certainly offer an excellent level of insulation when compared to the more conventional single pane designs out there.

o   Triple Pane Windows

These windows are some of the best energy efficient window designs that can be installed by window replacement companies in Hawaii. This is largely due to the fact that their multiple layers generally allow them to retain the maximum amount of energy. This way, they can ensure that the room’s temperature remains constant, irrespective of the external environment.

o   Picture Windows and their Variants

These windows are the simplest windows that may be installed by experts employed by window replacement companies in Hawaii. These windows are great when it comes to the conservation of energy. This is due to the fact that the “picture window”, as the very term implies, is primarily a sealed glass frame that cannot be opened or shut. In other words, such windows allow plenty of sunlight in the room and ensure that cold or warm air remains where it belongs, i.e., outside your home.

o   Frames

When it comes to the installation of energy efficient windows by window replacement companies in Hawaii, it is important to understand the vital role that the frame can play in terms of energy retention. If the frame gets warped (for instance) due to excessive cold or heat, there is an off chance that it will rupture the seals and allow ingress of cold/hot air that will severely mar the efficacy of your climate control system. This will lead to higher energy bills. For this reason alone, the frames that can handle both hot and cold temperatures are universally preferred for most types of energy efficient windows.  Some of them include the following:

o          Aluminum Frames

Since aluminum is an alloy, it is not pure iron. This means that it is not susceptible to rust, even in areas that are prone to extreme temperature variations. This is why many window replacement companies in Hawaii prefer to install aluminum frames for their windows.

o          Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass frames are widely considered by most window replacement companies in Hawaii to be the best possible frames for the installation of energy efficient windows. This is because almost all such frames are nearly impervious to the environment and furthermore, they are also more than capable of handling the heavier structure of most double and triple pane windows.

•   Installation of the Windows

This is usually an overlooked part of the whole process. If the installation is not handled properly enough, then cold air will leak in and make the room both cold and really drafty.  Only expert professionals employed by various window replacement companies in Hawaii will know how to seal windows properly so that there is no chance of any draft or ingress of outside air.

•   Conclusion

We can safely conclude that the installation of a new set of windows is not a job for a beginner. On the contrary, only highly skilled and expert level individuals should be given this task. The good people at Sunburst Windows have the level of expertise that you are looking for. Call them for all your window replacement needs.




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