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A Home Owners Guide to Replacement Windows | Hawaii

A Home Owners Guide to Replacement Windows | Hawaii

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Whether you’re renovating your house or looking for a way to give it a new look, getting new windows installed can give you just what you’re looking for.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a good choice if you want to replace your old home windows. These windows are often used when you’re trying to give your place a new look.

These windows come in all shapes and sizes; you can also get them custom made in order to get a perfect fit to the dimensions of your house windows.

These windows are much better than the old windows as they offer high quality and performance with double or triple panes of glass, argon gas fills, low-E coating, spacers, and other features.

They could be fitted within the opening of the old window without the need to expose the home frame, which makes the installation cost much cheaper. As compared to other windows options, the cost is lower because the installation of new windows could require less time and labor.

This option is ideal for you if you’re looking for remodels.

Replacement Windows: Project Cost

Short-listing among the different companies in Hawaii can be a challenge, with every other company offering different prices for similar options. At one point, the decision to go with a certain window company does come down to the cost of the windows.

When finalizing the company, ask them how much the entire project would cost you? However, there’s no such thing like ‘one-price-fits-all’ when it comes to new windows. As we mentioned earlier, these windows are for remodels, which means most of the time they’re customized according to your needs. This is why the price varies from one project to another.

The price of the windows depends on the following factors


The materials used when replacing your windows, such as wood or glass should not only suit the climate, but also complement the overall look of your house. The cost of the materials you choose impacts the overall cost.


There are a wide number of styles to choose from, which include bay and bow, casement, double hung, sliding/gliding, specialty, awnings, and picture windows. When deciding the style of your home windows, consider the layout of your house, and your requirements, as well as the cost of the type of window you want.


Choosing the perfect finish for the house windows is just as important as choosing the material and style. The window companies offer a variety of colors to choose from for the interior and the exterior so you can find the perfect match for your place, and also ensure that the windows are protected from the elements.


It’s mostly the installation charges that influence the price of replacement windows. Although you might think that installing them on your own would be much cheaper, but it’s wiser if you let professional replacement window companies do the job for you. It’ll not only save you the time and effort put in the do-it-yourself project, but also makes sure the installation is done correctly, and doesn’t cost you more to repair the damage you would do on your own.

Project Size

The cost of the project depends on its size, with the cost increasing as the scale of the project becomes larger. If the project is on a big scale, you can replace the windows by splitting the project into chunks, getting the most urgent ones replaced first and the rest later.

Once you decide on these factors, it can help the company provide you with an estimate of the project. Before you select one, you can get quotes from various window companies in Hawaii. Remember that the overall cost of the windows might not be the same as the ones that were advertised. They might trick you by showing the prices lower than they would actually cost you. Or the lower rate might be because they’re providing low quality windows which won’t last for a long time period.

Instead of visiting the window store, you can call the window companies to your home and get their advice and estimate for the project.

Replacement Windows: Installation

Once you’ve booked a reliable replacement window company, this is how the entire window installation process goes about.

Mostly, when the team from the company arrives at your place for window installation, they will brief you about the course of action before they start. Feel free to ask any questions that are on your mind. After the briefing session, they begin the process by


They cover the rooms with drop cloths so all the dirt and debris that occurs throughout the process is collected easily towards the end. Make sure you’ve removed the curtains, blinds, or other items prior to their arrival so they can access the windows easily. Move the furniture out of the room and away from the doors, so the crew can move the materials in and out with ease.

Installing New Windows

After removing the old windows and cleaning the opening well, your new home windows are installed.

Insulation and Sealing

After installing replacement windows, the frame is insulated and sealed in place, which is the most important part of the installation process.


Once the process is complete, the team will then clean up the area. They’ll clean the mess that had been created during the process and dispose of the old windows.

The time taken to complete the project can vary considering the size of the project and other extraneous circumstances.


Now that you’ve made up your mind about getting newwindows installed at your place, the next thing to decide is the company. Sunburst Windows is one of the best replacement windowcompanies in Hawaii. They offer window services with plenty of options to choose from. You can call them today to get a free estimate about the project cost.


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