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Do You Need Replacement Windows for Your Home? | Oahu

Do You Need Replacement Windows for Your Home? | Oahu

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When stuck with a broken home window and a tight budget, it’s common to wonder whether you need to replace the glass or get an entirely new window.

We’ll help you navigate your way out of this situation by making the right choice.

Replacement Windows

When replacing your old home windows, new windows are a good choice. These windows are typically used when you’re trying to revamp the look of your place. Sometimes these windows are known as retrofit windows.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes; you can also get them customized in order to get an accurate fit to the dimensions of your home windows.

These windows are much better compared to the old windows as they offer better quality and performance with the double or triple panes of glass, argon gas fills, low-E coating, spacers and other features.

These windows could be fitted within the opening of the old window without the need of exposing the home frame, which makes the installation cost a lot cheaper. In comparison to other windows options, these costs cheaper because the installation of new windows usually need lesser time and labor.

This option is best for you if you’re looking for remodels.

Options for Replacement Glass

For replacement glass, you have a number of different options to choose from, considering the problem at hand. In case the pane of glass has cracked, the window company in Oahu can simply get rid of the broken pane and substitute it with an insulated glass unit (IGU). Although there are many options for replacement glass, but for optimum performance its better if you change the broken pane using the same kind of glass.

When using IGU replacement, they first remove the broken pane; next they clean up the frame, put in the IGU and finally seal it in place. To block drafts, you can make use of caulking and weather-stripping, and get your window renewed at a fraction of the cost of getting new windows.

In case you want to save yourself a few bucks, you can give it a try yourself as well. However, we would advice against it, as the process is a bit tricky and can expose you to the risk of serious injuries. Save yourself the effort and time by hiring a professional windowcompany in Oahu.

Keep in mind that in case things go wrong with the windows while they’re still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer before getting the broken window glass replaced. The warranty might become void when you replace the glass with an IGU in your home windows.

When to Get a Window Replacement?

At times it’s better to get your home windows removed and replaced. Although it’ll cost you much more but sometimes the broken components of the window can’t be fixed. Down below, we’ve listed the instances when you should consider getting the entire window replaced.

In case the seal is broken, the best option is to go for a new window. Condensation in between the panes of glass that makes the glass look foggy indicates that the seal is broken. Although you have the option to consider defogging services, they merely serve as a quick fix and this problem will keep recurring until you get a new window.

Another instance when you should consider getting the entire window replaced instead of just the glass is when the munions or muntins, the dividers in the window, have broken as well.

A common problem with wooden windows that their frame starts to rot over time, that’s when you need an entire window replacement. At times you can fix the rotten window with a patch, however in case of a serious decay; it’ll compromise the integrity of the window. If you live in an older house and want to preserve its value, you can take the help of window companies to guide you on the wood windows you should choose that’ll complement the home’s historical character.

If the current home windows installed are reaching the end of their life, 15 years or more, using glass brakes to replace them would save you money in the long run. In case the windows at your place are drafty and energy inefficient, you can upgrade to a better-quality window that you prefer.

With the advancing technology, new windows are also keeping pace. The newer models come with sealants, better security latching and solar protection which makes them highly durable, easy to use windows and energy efficient for your home electricity bills.

How to Protect Your Windows?

Now that you’ve gotten the new windows, it’s important that you keep your investment protected. We’ll provide you with a number of tips on how you can keep your home windows looking as good as new.

Flex Screens are the most durable window screens available on the market. You can use them along with the double-hung window styles. This technology was designed to help endure force by employing a unique flexible design that makes them durable and long-lasting. They don’t scratch or dent, and it’s extremely easy to set them up or take them off.

Make sure you regularly clean the windows. Although windows are low maintenance, they still need a good reliable interior and exterior cleaning. Develop a habit of cleaning them in the fall and once again in spring season. You only require a spirit and a rinse to keep your windows looking shiny and new.


Now that you’ve made up your mind about whether you’re getting replacement glass for your windows or a new window installed at your place, the next thing to decide is the company. One of the best window companies in Oahu is Sunburst Windows. We offer window services with several options and styles to choose from. So give us a call today to get a free estimate and in-home consultation regarding your project and get started right away.


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