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7 Great Reasons To Consider Installing Replacement Windows | Hawaii

7 Great Reasons To Consider Installing Replacement Windows | Hawaii

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The windows are an essential part of your Hawaii home. They allow natural light to shine into the house and provide clear views outside. In addition, the windows open to let fresh air into the home, and they close to protect your home from the elements.

If you live in an older home and the windows have never been replaced, it is time to consider installing replacement windows in your home.

If you aren’t sure whether this project is worth the time and financial investment, you should consider the benefits of having your windows replaced.

#1 Your Home Will Be Comfortable

Winters in Hawaii are very warm; therefore, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool. Old windows leak due to worn insulation, a breakdown of the sealing components, having just one pane of glass, and a warped frame, making it difficult for the frame to hold the window panes in place. If your windows leak, the hot air from outside will leak in, and the cool, air-conditioned air will escape, affecting the temperature in your home as well as your family’s comfort.

Replacement windows are designed with excellent insulation and two or three window panes. In addition, the sealing components will prevent leaks, as will strong, sturdy window frames.

Replacing the windows will ensure the temperature in your home is comfortable all summer long.

#2 Reduce Your Energy Bills

If the windows in your home leak, your air conditioner will need to work overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. The extra work will cause your energy bills to increase and reduce your air conditioner’s lifespan.

Installing replacement windows will prevent leaks, keeping your energy bills down. On average, you can save 25 to 52 percent on your energy bills. In addition, when your air conditioner no longer needs to work overtime, installing new windows will extend the unit’s lifespan.

#3 Added Safety

Old windows weren’t designed with home security in mind. The locks on old windows aren’t very secure, and they were designed with just one pane of glass. Many home intruders use the window to gain access to homes, and old windows won’t keep your home secure. If the window locks still work, an intruder can use a crowbar or another tool to bypass the lock. In addition, it is easy to shatter one pane of glass, allowing them to unlock and open the window.

Replacement windows are designed with safety in mind, and the locks are secure and cannot be opened when the window is locked. In addition, new windows are designed with two or three panes of glass, which can be challenging for an intruder to shatter.

Installing replacement windows will ensure your home and family are safe.

#4 Soundproofing

Old windows don’t provide much soundproofing; therefore, if you live on a busy street or in a neighborhood where the homes are located close together, the outside noise can be very distracting when you are inside the house.

Fortunately, new windows provide soundproofing. Between the insulation and the multiple panes of glass, new windows will block the outside noise, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet when you are home.

#5 Easy To Clean

Your windows need to be washed regularly to get clear views outside. It is easy to clean the interior pane because you can do it inside the house. Unfortunately, washing the outer pane is more time-consuming and dangerous.

You will need a ladder to reach the top of the first-floor windows and the second-floor windows. Climbing up and down a ladder with window cleaner and paper towels can be dangerous. The same is true when you wash the windows. It takes just one misstep to fall off the ladder, which can cause serious injuries. Cleaning the outer panes is also time-consuming because when you finish washing a window, you will need to climb down the ladder, move it to the next window and climb it again, which can be very time-consuming.

Replacement windows were designed with easy cleaning in mind. When you finish washing the interior pane, the window can fold in, allowing you to clean the outer pane from the safety of your home. This makes washing the windows safer, and the project will take a lot less time.

#6 Fade Protection

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful. When the sun shines into your home, it can cause your floors, carpeting, furniture, and other home furnishings to fade. Replacing these items can be expensive; therefore, you should consider installing new windows.

Replacement windows are designed with a UV filter that will still allow natural light to shine in, but the UV rays will be blocked, protecting your home furnishings.

#7 Improved Curb Appeal

If you are like most homeowners, you want your home to be the nicest one on the block. Unfortunately, old windows can have a negative effect on the appearance of your home.

Many old windows have wooden frames, and the paint can begin to chip over time, and the wood can decay. This will affect the appearance of your home, even if the siding looks great.

Replacement windows frames are made of fiberglass or PVC, which doesn’t need to be painted and doesn’t decay; therefore, replacing your windows can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Why Choose Sunburst Windows?

If you plan to have replacement windows installed, call Sunburst Windows. We are a family-owned and operated business and have over 35 years of experience in the window industry.

Being from Hawaii ourselves, we found that the vinyl windows installed in the 90s were beginning to fail in the hot climate, which is why we offer a unique material called Fibrex, which has been shown to withstand the hot climate.

Unlike many other windows companies, we don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. When we give you a free estimate, the ball is in your court, and we will work on your timeline without any unnecessary pressure. When you decide it’s time to replace your windows, we will be there with you from start to finish.

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