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Why Fiberglass Windows Are The Best For Home Windows | Oahu, HI

Why Fiberglass Windows Are The Best For Home Windows | Oahu, HI

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One of the challenging decisions for homeowners with new constructions or planning a remodeling project for their old homes involves a choice of home windows. With the diverse brands and types in the Oahu, HI, window market, you may get confused in making the right choice of windows in terms of framing materials, glazing, size, and energy efficiency.

If you are constructing a new residential building, you should invest in windows that add beauty, energy efficiency, and value to your home. This blog will make your choices less complex by explaining why fiberglass windows are the best for you.

Window manufacturers make fiberglass home windows using hot resin to make diverse styles. You can choose from woven, randomly arranged, or flattened glass fibers. The following are some of the benefits you will get from fiberglass windows.


Since it goes through high temperatures to end up with quality materials, fiberglass window materials can withstand heat, making them the best for homeowners. Compared to vinyl and wood, fiberglass withstands all outdoor temperatures. They are stronger than most window framing materials, making them the preferred choice for your home.

Fiberglass frames can securely tote large panes of window glass with proper installation by a technician from your preferred company specializing in home windows. So, if you want large picture windows or bow windows for expansive views of beautiful sceneries and sufficient natural light, take advantage of the fiberglass materials for the best experience.


Another reason for considering fiberglass windows is security, which is always a priority for most homeowners. Even if it is a rental property, tenants select homes that offer maximum security.

Apart from the gate and metallic doors, landlords and residential property owners in Oahu, HI, should ensure the windows also protect against outside intruders and thieves.

Fiberglass will make it difficult for burglars to open the windows from the outside. That is why they should invest in fiberglass windows that have strong frames, making homes safe for families and tenants.


The best windows should serve you for decades and still be strong to forge on for more years. Fiberglass materials for window framing are resistant to extreme heat, wrapping, rotting, or corrosion, making them durable. They are also immune to chemicals and can withstand pollution and other harsh environmental aspects from mother nature.

These are reasons why you should consult with a window contractor to help you get the best fiberglass materials for your home windows. It is a choice that you will not be apologetic for making.

Thermal Performance

According to the US Department of Energy, fiberglass window frames have air cavities that increase their insulation. They have high thermal performance because they are dimensionally stable than wood and vinyl, reducing the level of expansion and contraction.

Fiberglass windows have lower heat conductivity when compared to aluminum frames. They are the finest choice for new buildings and replacements because of their long-term performance. A window installation expert can install the fiberglass frames on multi-pane windows.

Energy Efficiency

When shopping for home windows for your new house, energy efficiency should be a priority. Having energy-efficient windows reduces conditioned air from escaping your home. When the heat gets out of the house during cold seasons, it increases utility bills. Maximum efficiency comes with proper installation of the fiberglass windows because of the accurate sealing and insulating materials.

A professional window technician can help you with selecting windows that have high R-values for better insulating power based on the climate. Since fiberglass windows have high insulation and thermal resistance, you will have maximum energy efficiency that will drastically reduce your energy bills because of the ability to retain conditioned air.

Sound Resistance

No one loves to live in a noisy environment because it tampers with your peace. However, circumstances can force a tenant to rent in such a location because of its proximity to work.

Home or residential property owners can take advantage of the returns to investments they will realize in having homes in that area to rent. To make the residence comfortable for your family or tenants, you should get fiberglass windows with high insulating power to keep the noise away.

Fiberglass windows are soundproof to dull unwanted sounds from penetrating your home, making your home quiet and peaceful despite the busy city traffic sounds or the construction noises.

Home Value

If you want to sell your home in the future, you should upgrade your windows because they can attract or keep away potential buyers. The type of home windows your technician installs in your house should add value to your property for you to get higher returns on your investments after selling it.

The technician should have the experience and skills to correctly set up your home windows to increase the curb appeal because shoddy work from a quack will not attract a buyer.


Most homeowners want windows that will outshine their neighbors’ style or color and be the center of attraction of their town. They go for uniqueness and prefer custom-made windows that fit their dream style and design.

You can also choose to have a creative technician to help make unique installations of your home windows to get that desired look you fancy. Fiberglass windows are the best because of the diverse options in the market in terms of style, and you can choose the color you want for the finishing for enhanced curb appeal.

Here for Professional Help!

If you want fiberglass windows for your new construction, you should consider Sunburst Windows of Hawaii. We are a premium full-service window Company in Oahu, HI, where you get top-not products and quality services. In addition to craftsmanship and custom-fit window options, you’ll have access to comprehensive types of fiberglass home windows.

Our window technicians are ready to add beauty and value to your home through accurate and correct installation and replacement services using the latest techniques and durable products, leaving you a happy customer.


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