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Buying New Windows? 7 Smart Home Window Solutions To Consider | Oahu, HI

Buying New Windows? 7 Smart Home Window Solutions To Consider | Oahu, HI

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Home windows play a crucial role in every home design. They boost the home’s beauty, bring natural light into the house, and increase ventilation when opened, thereby keeping your indoor air fresh and healthy.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, old windows are responsible for at least 25 percent of the total energy costs of heating or cooling a house. Because of this reason, homeowners are opting for smart window options and features when buying new windows.

Smart home technology can make your house more comfortable, easy to manage, and a safe place to stay. Smart home features are not only limited to plumbing or electronics, but you can also install them in any part of your home, including doors and windows. Smart window options are designed to control light and heat transfer through the window glass.

Some window features can monitor the safety and security of your windows. Below are some latest window solutions you should consider for your window upgrades.

Window Sensors

Most homeowners have the habit of leaving windows unlocked or forgetting to close them. If you are away from home, you can panic knowing that your home is more vulnerable to theft. You may also be expecting some rain and can make you feel uneasy. Smart windows sensors eliminate such issues.

By checking the app on your smartphone, you can know if all windows in your home are locked. When you install this device, you can keep an eye on your home at any time, anywhere.

When connected to your home, it communicates information about your new windows to the app on your smartphone. So, when you have internet, you can observe what’s happening at home, when at work, on vacation, or doing your daily activities. If you plan on buying new windows, you should consider adding this feature as well. It also applies to your doors. By doing so, you can always be at peace knowing your home is secure.

Smart Tint

Extreme heat, cold, and other outside elements have an impact on the interior of your home. Oahu, HI, dwellers often use curtains or blinds to reduce the effects of external temperatures. The smart tint is a unique film that you can apply to your new windows or the existing ones. By tapping an application installed on your smartphone, you can regulate the opacity of your windows.

You can change your windows from transparent to opaque. If the sun’s rays are too strong or you want to have some privacy, especially in your walk-in shower, you can make your windows more opaque. Also, you can make the window glass transparent to have a better outside view. The smart tint adds privacy to your home and helps reduce the impacts of outdoor weather elements.


SageGlass is an electronically tintable window option that allows homeowners to maintain their home’s aesthetics while addressing energy and privacy needs. Homeowners can brighten or darken their windows with a touch on their smartphones.

New windows of this kind allow users to lower the energy needed to heat or cool a space, thus reducing energy bills. With the app on your smartphone, you can adjust the tinting levels of your windows when it gets too hot or sunny. You would want to find an unheated and comfortable home after work.

Axis Gear

It’s another stylish home window solution that allows you to add current window technologies to your existing window shades, curtains, and blinds. It’s compatible with most shades and blinds, and you can mount them adjacent to your replacement windows. This feature automatically lifts or lowers window shades via voice or by touching the buttons on the device.

Axis gear also has an app, and when connected to the internet, it can work with other savvy home devices, and you can schedule them to operate at specific times of the day. It’s solar-powered and comes with backup batteries to reduce the need for regular charging, thereby improving your home’s energy efficiency. Because it works well with a variety of shades and blinds, the Axis gear can fit your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other areas that require window automation.

You do not have to operate the blinds manually because this window feature does the work. It’s a top smart home window solution because it automates window shades and cooperates with other home features.

Smart Window Locks

These window solutions work the same way as window sensors. It is a smart home feature that usually applies to both doors and new windows. The good thing about smart locks is that they allow users to open or lock home windows wherever they are.

If you leave your windows unlocked, you may not need to go home to secure them. You can lock them using your phone. Available locks to choose from include pin locks or keyed locks.

Window Bars

Windows bars are available in different colors and styles, and they can make your home attractive. However, some homeowners may not opt for window bars because they obstruct the outside view. But if you want to increase the security in your home, I bet these windows can be the right option.

Windows bars are made of heavy materials that make it difficult for break-ins to occur. You can talk to your window expert from Oahu, HI, if you wish to add bars to your new windows.

Thermochromic Windows

The thermochromic filter is a technology that allows new windows to change color and block harsh sun rays to reduce excessive heat during hot summer. Color changes may vary depending on the temperature points set based on your needs.

The filter activates to block too much heat when it’s hot and switches off when it gets cold to allow outside heat to penetrate the glass window. Investing in new windows with this feature can make your home more energy-efficient.

Thinking About Getting New Windows? Call Us!

If you embrace technology and want to live a modish life, you would consider installing these window solutions in your home. These windows offer comfort and make your life easy. Window films or tints provide you with an option of privacy or light, depending on your needs.

However, the downsides of these windows are real, and you should consult qualified experts to ensure you get the right products for your home. At Sunburst Windows of Hawaii, we serve residents of Oahu, HI, and the surrounding areas. We provide multiple window products and educate our clients about the available window options.


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