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Your Window into Paradise: Replacement Windows from Sunburst Windows of Hawaii

Your Window into Paradise: Replacement Windows from Sunburst Windows of Hawaii

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Sunburst Windows, founded in 1903, offers a wide variety of options to meet your needs for replacement windows. Their selection of windows are as functional as they are beautiful. Sunburst Windows Hawaii is the local leader in composite windows, proudly serving Oahu and Maui. Their windows are made of Fibrex©, a material that resists rot, pitting, and corrosion from the elements while keeping the home comfortable during dry, hot conditions. Sunburst Windows uses High Performance Low-E4 thermal glass, which is 70% more efficient in summer and 45% more efficient in winter than standard window glass. For added protection and efficiency, there is the optional SmartSun glass coating that prevents UV rays from permeating the glass and fading interior color. Here is an overview of the different styles available:

Picture Windows

This standard style makes a good option for replacement windows thanks to its elegance, functionality, and variety in size and style. Picture windows consist of more glass than frame, providing expansive vistas (ideal for homeowners in beautiful Hawaii) and permitting more natural sunlight into any room of the home.

Awning Windows

Awnings are a great option for replacement windows in small areas. This style of window is ideal for allowing air flow into a space while limiting exposure of the interior to rain, wind, and sun. These windows have crank-out functionality with a hinge at the top allowing for opening from the bottom. The crank pulls the window in tightly, which creates a solid seal around the edges of the window. Awnings feature dual locks on the side of the windows and a weather strip sealing around the frame for added insulation.

Bay and Bow Windows

Another option for replacement windows are bay or bow windows, which are suitable for living rooms and family rooms. Both styles are similar in that they extend outward, adding curb appeal to the exterior of the home while permitting natural illumination of the interior. They are ideal for adding usable indoor space, making a great display area for decorative items (plants, pictures, etc.) or a sitting area at the base of the window.

Bay windows are a configuration of three windows with a central picture window as the focal point, fixed and flanked by two other windows. Bow windows, by contrast, are an arrangement of 4 to 6 windows that angle out from the home, giving a curved, rounded appearance. Both styles are anchored from the top of the window, needing no bracing system. Bay and bow windows are also highly energy-efficient with a weather-tight seal that keeps out moisture and insulates from the elements.

Casement Windows

This style makes suitable replacement windows for rooms of all sizes and functions, from bedroom to bathroom to hallway. Casement windows are ideal for dimmer spaces of the home, thanks to their tall, side-hinged frames allowing for natural light and full ventilation. These windows are tall with a crank-out mechanism and easy-clean hinges that allow for full opening and cleaning of the entire unit.

Double Hung Windows

This style is among Sunburst Windows’ most popular for replacement windows offered, reminiscent of old-world craftsman aesthetic. The double hung style features two operating sashes that move up and down; the sashes allow for circular airflow when synchronized. The windows consist of invisible screening on the exterior and stainless-steel grips and slides. Also, this style features nine exterior color options that mimic brick molding, along with three different interior finishes that give the illusion of a wood. The sashes can be released from the window frame for convenient clean-up. For added functionality and appeal, the locks are hardened zinc brushed in nickel, available in several color options.

Sliding/Gliding Windows

Sliding/Gliding windows are ideal spaces that benefit from top-to-bottom ventilation and space-saving style that doesn’t protrude outward, namely walkways, porches, and patios. These windows are modern with a large viewing space and, like the double hung model, nine exterior colors and composite brick-like molding. Sunburst Windows’s sliding and gliding windows are easy to operate, with their dual sash, left-to-right sliding action. The windows slide along a monorail track system and are easy to remove from the frame for cleaning. For added protection from moisture, the Contain-and-Drain reverse snorkel system that sucks rainwater out of the track system back into the exterior of the window.

Specialty Windows

The specialty window is fixed and decorative, making it one of the most energy efficient styles in Sunburst Windows’ product line. It is a customizable option often added to accent other window units. Specialty windows are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and features. There are 13 standard configurations of this style including circle, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, and trapezoid.

What to Expect During the Replacement Process

Sunburst Windows of Hawaii abides by a standard known as the Signature Service Guarantee: People + Process + Product. The company is committed to fostering strong teamwork among its skilled technicians and customers; driving efficiency through a streamlined, organized process; and by crafting a superior product that exceeds customer expectations. Sunburst Windows Hawaii is the “Do It For Me” company that makes the installation of replacement windows as hassle-free as possible for its customers. Sunburst Windows’s installation technicians arrive at your home on time to begin the project, protect your home from debris and damage as they remove your old windows to install the replacement windows. Before the process begins, the team confirms measurements to create new windows to your exact specifications and, throughout the process, they are fully equipped with a “rolling workshop on wheels” for any necessary, on-the-fly adjustments as they work.

Once the replacement windows are installed, the Sunburst Windows team takes care of all clean up and waste disposal and offers a thorough product demonstration to insure customer satisfaction and ease with their replacement windows. Finally, after the job is done, a homeowner survey is sent to the customer for follow-up feedback and comments.

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