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Why You Should Go Green with Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Why You Should Go Green with Replacement Windows | Hawaii

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When considering replacement windows, it is a good idea to opt for energy efficient options. Taking the green route in other areas of your life like cutting plastic bags completely could already be your plan but getting these windows is a step further towards your goal. The best part is that going energy efficient in Hawaii is one of the best options because it has so many benefits to offer.

For starters, Hawaii is a city full of sunlight and beautiful views. This means that most houses have large windows that let you see your surroundings but unless they are energy efficient, you will face a lot of problems. Around 30% of a house’s energy loss occurs because of the windows. Similarly, 76% of all sunlight is magnified through the glass and turned into heat.

To counter this scenario, getting green replacement windows is the right decision. Another reason why you should opt for this is that it offers other benefits, such as the following:

1.   Improve the Insulation

Insulation is one of the biggest benefits that energy efficient windows have to offer. Most people assume that insulation is needed only during winter. However, insulation in the heat also needs to be considered. Without it, your home will be sweltering and you will end up having the HVAC system running for hours on end.

Good insulation can mean that your home stays at a comfortable temperature for hours. It is able to deflect the heat or the cold temperature from outdoors. With replacement windows you will be able to keep your home insulated and prevent fluctuations.

2.   Lower Your Energy Consumption

Most people know that during the hot months of summer or the chilly months in winter, their energy consumption can and does go up. In fact, some people can face bills that are twice or thrice the normal amount. If you want to cut down your energy consumption, especially during these months, get energy efficient replacement windows.

Their insulating properties mean that you don’t have to keep your HVAC system running for hours on end. In fact, your usage will lower because your house stays comfortable at the temperature you set with ease. This will translate into pushing your bill lower too!

3.   Retain Your Wonderful Views

When considering getting large windows, some people might change their minds because of the fact that it exposes them to too much sunlight. This can cause heat loss and glass is a good conductor of heat and cold. A good alternative for them can be to get shutters or curtains for their windows. This means that they have to sacrifice their beautiful views.

On the other hand, getting energy efficient windows are better because these can prevent heat loss while retaining the wonderful views. Eco-friendly windows are usually coated with special UV sheets and materials. These prevent heat loss and ensure that your indoor environment is not negatively affected.

4.   Reduce Sun Damage from UV Rays

Sun damage can happen to the carpet, sofa or even the curtains near the windows. The glass magnifies the UV rays entering the house which can be extremely harmful. To prevent this from happening, you can use energy efficient windows.

The coating on the glass ensures that any harmful UV rays are diffused. They also deflect solar radiation, ensuring that the surroundings are not damaged. Fading is the most common occurrence but prolonged UV exposure can also weaken the fabric on the sofa, curtains and carpets.

5.   Lower Sound Pollution

Did you know that energy efficient replacement windows can be very useful for countering sound pollution? If you live in a noisy neighborhood where the sound of traffic, kids playing, dogs barking and more are a huge issue, getting these windows can help a lot.

Energy efficient windows usually have 2 to 3 layers of glass. The excess glass panes end up diluting the sound and greatly reducing the noise levels that reach your home. Based on which option you have chosen, they can make a significant difference.

6.   Less Upkeep

Energy efficient windowsrequire less upkeep as compared to the other window options you will come across. This is because they are designed with more durable materials than the old windows in your home. Advancements made in materials as well as installation techniques means that your replacement windows will be more durable.

So, this means that you will not have to maintain or invest their upkeep to the same extent as you did with your older windows. It’s a win-win scenario where you are able to make meaningful additions to your home!

7.   Better Market Value

Did you know that energy efficient replacement windows are sought after in the market? New buyers are actively looking for these amenities in new homes on the market. In fact, homes with such additions can expect to attract buyers and have a good value in the market.

So, if you are looking to sell your home, it is a good idea to have these windows in your home. Yes, they might be a bit costly but these windows are some of the only home amenities that give you a high ROI and increase the value of your home!

These are only a few of the benefits you get to enjoy when you opt for eco-friendly replacement windows.

Getting Them Installed from the Best

It’s necessary to make sure that your windows are not only of the best quality but are installed professionally by the best professionals. If you are looking for good window installers in Hawaii, please get in touch with Sunburst Windows.

With years of experience in the window industry, their professionals understand all the challenges that are faced by homeowners. From offering you a catalog of the best windows to getting you the best options for other glass fixtures in your home, they’re the perfect professionals for you.

Work with them today to not only get energy efficient replacement windows in the Hawaii area but also add beautiful windows to your home that contribute to its market value!


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