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A Guide to Patio Doors | Tips from Your Hawaii Window Company

A Guide to Patio Doors | Tips from Your Hawaii Window Company

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You just bought a house in Hawaii and have been renovating for ages. The patio is nearly done, all you need to do is sign off on the patio door.

If you need a patio door, you ought to know your options. So here is a handy guide to everything you need to know about patio door materials and models.

Best Materials for Patio Doors

Your patio doors pull together the interior and exterior looks of your house. They also work to provide light, fresh air and insulation. If you get the wrong materials, you can have a lot of issues with your patio door. The door might not insulate properly and your living rooms can get drafts, heat and even dust.

The door might not be energy efficient and will then let in a lot of light and heat which will heat up the house and require extra air conditioning.

Your doors should prevent these situations and they should be sustainable enough to last for a while. You shouldn’t have to worry about termites or wood rot weakening or breaking your patio door.

If you are not too sure about the material for the door, you should consult with a professional window and patio door company.

In any case, you should ideally consider the following materials for your patio door.


If you are looking for cheap, cost effective options that are available in a variety of colors, you should go for UPVC doors. These doors tend to be worth every penny, as they last a long time and are not susceptible to rot or paint fading off.

What’s more is that with UPVC doors, you will not have to worry about energy efficiency since they block out heat and conserve cooling energy inside the home.

Any competent window company can install these in your homes so they are easily installed and widely available options in Hawaii.

What’s more is that they are relatively easy to maintain, however, they will eventually have problems like mould which can be caused by condensation in the environment, especially humid climates.


Fiberglass is another fantastic option for patio doors. It is basically reinforced plastic, resin and glass fibers. Fiberglass tends to be one of the most energy efficient options available and can be highly durable in harsh weather conditions.

You will need very little maintenance, just some routine repairs and checkups from a window company in your local area. Fair warning though, these options can be more expensive and less varied.

Types of Patio Doors

Now that you know which material options are suitable,you should consider the options for the style and model of the patio door. You should always consult with a window company to measure out the space for the door’s installation.

A window company can also help you select the type of glass or model suited for it and for the selection of their location.

The model you should select according to the interior design of your apartment or home. The following are some of the style options in patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are excellent options for homes in Hawaii. They are easy to open; they can fit into most spaces and can be versatile in balconies and patios.

They are also cost effective and can be installed by any window company. You can even have a screen installed to make sure that you limit dust, pollen, wind and humidity coming in from the yard. Screens are also useful in keeping out insects and animals.

French Patio Doors

French Patio doors are also known as swinging patio doors and are especially popular in the Hawaii area. They are modeled with hinges like regular main doors in the house. They are versatile and you can pick out any color, glass or decoration.

Window and patio doorcompanies usually fit them alongside with French doors. The French door style sometimes even necessitates three doors all together and will need glass panels.

These glass panels are traditionally full length, so that you can full views of the yard and a lot of sunlight can come into the room.

Folding Doors

Folding patio doors are excellent options for newly renovated home. They can be installed in wide spaces and can be stylish additions for your patio. The door will fold in to different panels, typically up to eight, or they will have full glass door options.

You can even get track system installation from a reputable window company in your area so that the doors are easier to close and open.

You can even get bifold patio doors that can make your house look modern as well as save space. You should be warned though that bifold doors have heavier frames and can be expensive.

However, if you have the budget, you can go for it as they connect your indoor living spaces to the outside living spaces completely allowing a blending in of the different aesthetics.

You can have them customized according to the size of your space by a reputable window and patio door company. Bifold doors can even be used if your living rooms or other rooms are small and don’t have wider spaces for French doors.

Window Repair at Sunburst Windows

Sunburst Windows is a window company that will attend to all of your patio door needs. We will provide consultations before and during construction work and help guide you about the best patio doors and patio door materials.

Our servicemen are ever-present if you need window or door renewals or reinstallations. We provide excellent, efficient and speedy window and door repair and installation services. If you have any sort of damage to your patio doors, you can avail our repair services for reasonable prices.

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