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When Should You Upgrade Your Home Windows? | Hawaii

When Should You Upgrade Your Home Windows? | Hawaii

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Home windows are objects that we see everyday but we don’t always pay attention to the window quality or when they start to degrade. There are some things that will start to occur that indicate that it is time for an upgrade. Sunburst Windows of Hawaii would like to provide some insight into these situations so that you know exactly when it is time to upgrade your windows. They are also able to do the upgrade for you so that you can have peace of mind during the upgrade process.

The paintwork is chipping

The frame is not a large part of a window thus it is easy to miss damages but if you open your curtains and blinds then you can have a quick glance at the frame. You might notice that the paint around the frames is peeling away. This can happen indoors as well as outdoors. You might just cover up the peeling or the gaps of paint with another layer of paint but if the problem continues to present itself then it is time for home window upgrades. It is best to hire a professional to install the windows so that is done properly and it minimizes the risk of damages that can occur during the installation.

Windows that struggle to open

The windows within your home should open and close with ease. If this is not the case then it is time to consider upgrading your home windows. Some of your windows might be completely stuck and no matter how much you struggle, you cannot open them. If your windows do not want to close then this might be a security hazard and you should have it replaced or repaired as soon as possible. You can inspect the windows and make sure that you remove all the debris to see that it might resolve your problem. if the problem persists then call a professional to come to take a look and advise what the best course of action would be. Sometimes a bit of oil is needed and other times home windows should be replaced.

Drafts coming from the windows

Drafts can be pleasant during the summer because it cools down the house however during the winter it might cause problems. These drafts can also increase the strain on your air conditioner or heating system to maintain a consistent temperature. If you suspect that there are drafts coming from the windows then switch off your air condition system or heating system and feel for a draft. It is helpful to conduct this inspection on a windy day so that it is easier to feel the draft. if you notice a draft coming from the window and the window is closed then call a professional like Sunburst Windows of Hawaii to assess it and advise if a replacement is required. The sooner you act and remove the draft the more money you will save because your heating and cooling system aren’t using as much power.

Unusually High Energy Bills

You might notice that your utility bill has increased, especially your electrical bill. If you have not changed anything like adding a large appliance to your home or there are more people living with you then it might be your windows. This might be due to the fact that your air conditioner or heating system is working overtime to keep your home at a consistent temperature. Your air conditioner or furnace will use more electricity to keep the temperature consistent. This happens because your windows are not effectively keeping the heated or cooled air from escaping your home. It might be time to upgrade your home windows from single pane windows to double or triple pane windows to increase energy efficiency. The glass of the window might not be sealing properly when it is inside the frame. There could also be problems with the frame where there are gaps between the window frame and your wall.

Getting your home ready for the property market

Some homeowners will carry out upgrades to their homes before they sell it to increase the value of their homes. Replacing your home windows could be a great way to increase the value of your home and it can increase the desirability of your home. Prospective buyers will see the convenience of having recently upgraded home windows as a major plus because they do not have to go through all the effort of replacing the windows when the time comes. This could also improve the aesthetic of your home which increases the chances of your home being noticed by a potential buyer. You might also be in the process of renovating an old home and the windows are not as they once were therefore it is important to upgrade the home windows so that your home is safe, secure, and energy-efficient. You should also allow a professional window technician to carry out any repairs or installations for you. This way you will be certain that the job is carried out correctly and future problems are less likely to occur.

If you have started to notice any of these problems then it is time for an upgrade. It is recommended that you hire a professional like Sunburst Windows to install your new home windows for you. Their experienced employees will make sure that the whole process goes smoothly. All you will have to worry about is letting them in to do the installation and letting them out after the home windows are secured in place and you are satisfied. Call Sunburst Windows today to schedule an appointment.


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