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What To Consider When Updating Your Home Windows | Oahu, HI

What To Consider When Updating Your Home Windows | Oahu, HI

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If your home windows are old and single pane you are not experiencing the full potential your home has to offer. Updating your home windows can be beneficial for the environment and your pockets. If you are looking to update or repair any of your home windows, you should consider an improvement on the design and efficiency aspect of your windows. Sunburst Windows Hawaii can replace your outdated windows with new more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing ones.

When choosing a new window for your home the first thing you may want to consider is adding more panes to your glass. Double and triple pane windows are more energy-efficient than single pane windows. The science behind this is simple.

Single pane windows consist of one layer of glass. Double pane windows have two layers of glass. The glass is usually separated by a half-inch of air. The extra layer of glass and pocket of air help regulate the temperatures in the room and helps prevent your energy from escaping into the environment. It also prevents the sun’s radiation from heating your home. The pocket of air is sometimes filled with a non-toxic, odorless, insulation gas. This gas can further insulate your windows. It prevents energy from entering and escaping through the panes of glass.

Triple pane windows are similar to double pane windows; but instead of two layers, triple pane windows have three. Each layer of glass has a small air pocket and can be filled with an insulating gas. Triple pane windows are more superior to double pane windows. However, experts disagree on whether triple pane windows are worth it. The answer varies.

If you plan on living in your home for a long period of time, triple pane home windows are the way to go. Double pane windows are still a better upgrade to single pane windows but triple pane windows will last the longest. The extra layers of glass and insulation will pay off in the form of saved energy bills, window longevity.

You may decide to stick with double pane windows in certain areas of the house, that may not need the same amount of thermal protection windows facing the sun do. Windows that face getting a lot of suns can affect the temperature of the room. Triple pane windows offer three times the protection against temperature changing sun rays. You may have noticed rooms facing the sun are hotter than other parts of the home, even with the AC at a lower temperature. If you notice this, you should have a local professional company replace your home windows with thicker, more efficient triple pane windows. You will feel more comfortable and use less energy doing so by replacing your windows. Contact Sunburst Windows, in Oahu, HI, to install your new energy-efficient windows.

Benefits of Updating Your Home Windows

Save Money

By updating your windows to either a triple or double pane window, you will save upwards of 20 % on your cooling and heating cost. Sometimes beneficial in your lighting cost can change as well. Insulated windows can save you tons of money a year, eventually paying for themselves. Old inefficient windows are actually costing you money. Change that by replacing your old windows with an energy-efficient one.

Environmental Benefits

A good quality window is going to be environmentally friendly. Energy-efficient windows help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gases. Researchers have found that 15-20 % of heat escapes from your windows. This adds to energy and money wasted. By reducing the amount of energy you use, you are also using less energy.

Increase Value of Home

Replacing your home windows with windows that are more esthetically pleasing and or efficient will increase the value of your home. Windows that will save the home buyer money will be worth every penny.

Older, outdated windows also make a home look less appealing. By remodeling the windows, yourself you save money on your own energy cost while investing in your home. New home buyers that are not looking to renovate are more likely to buy you for its asking price or more. To ensure one of your most valuable assets retains and increases in value, you should hire a capable window renewal company to install and update your windows. Sunburst Windows Hawaii is a reputable and experienced local company that can help you increase your home’s value by replacing your unappealing windows with a better designed and efficient one.

The prospect of having lower bills also makes a home very attractive to home buyers. A 20% decrease in heating and energy cost will make a big difference over time.


Old outdated windows can be a safety hazard. People all over the U.S are updating their window, however, there are still many homes that have the same windows the house was built with. If you have an older home, your windows could be decades old. Everything has a lifespan and if your windows are nearing the end, breaking and entering into your old, weak home windows would be a piece of cake.

There are many kinds of windows you can get that will help prevent unwanted visitors from getting in. Triple pane windows and double pane windows provide extra layers of protection. However, more window panes don’t equate to more safety. If you are interested in a safer and more efficient window consider asking your window renewal provider about impact-resistant windows. Your safety is well worth the cost, Impact-resistant windows come in more energy-efficient packages as well.

More Comfort

Updating your windows can make you feel more comfortable. It helps maintain normal temperatures in your room and can help you improve your space. By changing the design of your window, you change the aesthetic of your home’s exterior and interior. Having your environment feel and look beautiful will improve your well-being and the amount of comfort you feel in your home.

If you’re in need of updated and more energy-efficient home windows, contact Sunburst Windows in Oahu, HI.


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