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When Should You Get Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

When Should You Get Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

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There are many signs that your house may need to get replacement windows in the Oahu, HI area and as a homeowner you should always keep track of them. Some of these may be minor in nature but without getting them fixed you will end up with more problems with your home. These signs to look for will vary based on the types of windows and the age of your house but for the most part these items will be based on the actual age of the windows and the condition in which they were kept.

Difficulty In Operation

As windows age and houses settle the windows that are installed will begin to not work as well as they did when you first put them in or moved into the house. The first thing you may notice is a draft that begins to develop. This can happen for many reasons. In temporary terms you may be able to just install weather stripping but that stopgap measure won’t solve the underlying problems. When you look at windows that don’t close right, to where a draft can form, you will start having other problems with the windows themselves.

You may also notice a stiffness in windows while opening or closing or have problems with locking the windows. This happens overtime as window frames do not balance as well. It can also happen from improper installation. Make sure when you buy replacement windows that they guarantee installation and your satisfaction over many years. When windows can’t do the basics properly like opening, closing, or locking you will start getting water, either from rain or humidity, and it will lead to rot in the frames and decrease the air quality in your house expediting your need to get replacement windows. That rotting can then seep into your homes framing, insulation, and interior walls causing more problems than just a window that needs replacing.

Quality of Life Problems

Another big issue you may encounter is noise coming through the windows. If your old windows were poorly made, older, or not sealed correctly. Over time even a well made and installed window can actually lose its insulation and increase the sound the creeps through. If you go over to a friends house or even check with a professional you can get an idea into how well a new replacement window may insulate compared to what you have.

If you live in a house that is old enough you may have wooden windows or wooden framing around your windows. If they have not been maintained or have been damaged before the windows frames may start feeling soft when you go to open them and this is a problem. Having soft, spongy wood in your window frames is bad and replacement windows will need to be purchased. That soft wood would also be a cause of rot, chipping, sagging, and even insect infestation and cause even more issues in your house.

The final major point of issues you may experience with older windows are condensation between the glass panes. This happens when the seals start to fail or the original insulating gas in between the panes leaks out. This happens over time and can lead to not only moisture inside the window panes but also moisture dripping inside the house or, in climates way colder than Oahu, HI it can lead to frost in the winter on the inside of homes. Replacement windows should be considered fairly quickly once condensation is noticed on the panes of glass in your windows.

What Should Be Used To Replace My Windows?

This is now more of a personal choice instead of an actual specific option. There are many types of replacement windows you can get and some will be more energy efficient than others, and some will even be more cost effective than others. If you live in a historical home you may try to restore old wooden or stained glass windows or, if you live in a historic zone that allows it, you can try to upgrade the framing of your windows with modern materials and keep the glass and dimensions of the originals. In modern houses, or at least houses not in strictly watched areas, you can make more choices based on what you want personally that fits your budget, design taste, and style required.

It is now considered normal to have vinyl, fiberglass, or composite frame windows and most all windows will be double pane or better for your choice for replacement windows. Vinyl windows are generally the lowest cost of those and are treated to ensure that the material can withstand decades of ultraviolet light exposure. Fiberglass is more rigid than vinyl but comes at a higher cost although maintenance costs overall are a lot lower. Composite wood frames mix polymers with wood products like fiberboard to create a classic wood look while improving on insulation and longevity over traditional windows without needing as much maintenance.

Be sure to also look to ensure that between the panes is filled with either Krypton or Argon gas and that the seals are guaranteed. You can also get coating one the glass for your replacement windows that will reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home. These steps will help you choose windows that save you money in the long run so that you can feel secure about your purchase decision in the future.

When you are ready to make a decision about replacement windows check out the experts at Sunburst Windows. They are licensed and ready to serve all your needs. Give them a call to set up an appointment to tour their fabulous showroom. Their manufacturing plants are also in HI with one in Oahu. They can offer you more than just windows as well with services available for doors, siding, and gutters to give your full house exterior a makeover.


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