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Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Home Windows | Oahu, HI

Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Home Windows | Oahu, HI

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For many homeowners, the only time they really think of the windows in their home is when something goes wrong. Most home owners know to replace the windows when glass breaks, but when the window simply gets older and inefficient, many homeowners don’t recognize the signs until a real problem arises.

Luckily, if you’re paying attention to what’s going on at your home, you’ll be able to spot problems early and upgrade to energy efficient windows before things get out of hand. If you spot any of these signs in your home, it’s time for you to take a serious look at upgrading your home windows!

Drafty Areas

One of the benefits to living in Hawai’i is that drafts aren’t usually a big issue down here. When the temperature is consistently pleasant, most homeowners aren’t all that worried about a slight draft in the home.

However, a draft somewhere in your home can be a problem when you’re trying to keep your home’s temperature well regulated. If there’s a big difference between the daily temperature outside and the temperature that you prefer inside your home, you’re going to need to address drafts promptly, and that means fixing your windows. Otherwise, you’re going to risk burning out your HVAC, which can be disastrous on a day when it’s just too hot to be outside.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bill seems to be a lot higher than it usually is for this time of year? Unless you’ve had a major change in your lifestyle, such as the addition of a room to your home or a large appliance, an increase in your energy bill likely means there’s a problem with your home windows.

Why? Your home constantly tries to adjust to the temperature that you want it to be, and your HVAC is constantly trying to bring the temperature down from whatever it is outside to your desired temperature. Unfortunately, air temperature inside the home tends to try to match the air outside, so if you’re trying to keep your Oahu, HI home cool. your air is going to try to escape to the warm air outside the windows.

When you lose that cool air, what happens? Your HVAC has to start working harder to get that cool air back, which means an increase in energy and an increase in your home energy bills. If you see your energy bills starting to rise without any explanation, it’s time to check your home windows, because the explanation is likely somewhere within that frame or glass.

Stuck Windows

Is your window difficult to open or close? It’s not just the way your house is, it’s a real problem that needs to be fixed. Home windows are meant to be opened or closed with ease, and if yours isn’t budging when you try to get it free, that means there’s probably something blocking it from working properly.

This is something that goes beyond the comfort of your home. Having working windows comes down to the safety of your residence, because if you can’t close a window properly, you’re leaving it open for burglars to potentially find a way into your home. Just because you’re unable to easily open the window doesn’t mean that a nefarious character won’t, and if you give them an opening, they’ll be more likely to see your house as an easy target and try to get themselves into your home. If your home windows are giving you any problems with either opening, closing or locking, it’s time for you to get assistance right away.

Moisture Problems

Condensation isn’t just a harmless instance that happens with your windows. When condensation consistently appears on your windows, you’re opening up your home to one of the worst kinds of issues: mold.

Mold spores love to find moist spaces with plenty of dust and oxygen so that they have an ideal spot to grow and feed, and condensation in the windows creates an ideal atmosphere for mold spores. If you don’t take the time to regularly take a look at your home windows, you might find yourself looking at a black spot and a serious respiratory issue.

Mold on your windows really isn’t something that’s easy to clean, so when you see condensation popping up regularly on your home windows, it’s best to just go ahead and make the upgrade and prevent an issue from happening.

Chipped and Peeled Paint

Damage might be one of the most obvious signs that you need to replace the windows, but damage to the frame is a lot easier to overlook than damage to the glass. If you start seeing the window looking like something out of a bad horror movie, you might want to take a close look at your windows and consider an upgrade.

Outside Noise

Is your Oahu, HI home sounding a lot louder than usual? If so, the problem might not be as simple as you living on a busy street. It might be that it’s time to replace your windows. When you make the upgrade to energy efficient windows, you get an extra pane of glass that can block out noises and make your home a more comfortable place to be. Upgrading your home windows can often be the easiest solution to the problem — and they’re a great way to eliminate any potential problems with your neighbors.

At Sunburst by Anderson of Hawaii, we know that new home windows can make all the difference for the look and feel of your house. If you’re looking to make your home a better place to live, we can help. Contact us to get new windows in place and make your home as comfortable as it should be!


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