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Best windows & doors for Oahu, Hawaii

One of the biggest appeals of living in the tropics is not having to deal with freezing winters. The flip-side, unfortunately, is dealing with fairly uniformly warm days which often boil over during the summer months. So if you’re building or renovating a house in Oahu, what do you need to consider for your doors and windows to keep yourself cool? What materials will you need to make the best tropical climate windows & doors?

Let’s take a look and find out.

The Best Tropical Climate Windows

When considering the best windows for your climate, there are many factors you need to be aware of.

¥ Window placement. This is obviously more for people building their home than renovating one. For Hawaii, north of the equator, the largest windows should ideally face northeast and southwest. Why? Because these directions receive the least heat during peak mid-morning to mid-afternoon time. This will naturally help keep your energy bill down during the hotter months months.
¥ One pane or two? Single pane glass is a poor insulator. Double pane glass traps a layer of air that acts to keep hot air out during the hot summer months. Though they’re more common in colder climates, they’re equally effective at keeping your energy bill down in the balmier tropic regions.
¥ Get the right glass. There have been some wonderful advancements in glass and glass coating over the years. Low-E4 SunSmart glass is not only insulating, it also blocks up to 95% of UV light without noticeably lowering the amount of visible light entering your home. The helps keep your house cool and prevents UV damage throughout your home.

The Best Doors For Tropical Climates

When considering doors, you’ll have much the same issues as with windows, although obviously without as much care needed for which direction they face.

The ideal door should have a good weather seal and contain insulating material. This, along with your insulating windows, will keep your energy bill down, while the weather sealing will come in handy during the rainy seasons.

Don’t Forget the Fly Screen

There’s not much nicer than throwing open the windows on a hot day when a lovely, cooling breeze is blowing through. Unfortunately an open window in summer in the tropics is also an open invitation for an onslaught of insects to invade your home.

What you want is an insect screen that doesn’t block much light or obstruct your view, but that will also provide security and protection.

TruScene Insect Screens are much thinner than traditional insect screens, while still being made of stainless steel. They block very little light, allow clear ventilation, and protect you from some of the smallest insects around.

If you’re tired of high power bills in the hot months and fly screens that spoil your view, contact us today to see how we can help turn your home into a tropical paradise.


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