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Better windows, Better homes with Sunburst Windows®

Improving your home or upgrading its utility takes more than just beautifying it to boost its value. Your home should also have better functionality and energy efficiency. While the roof plays a big role in all these factors, your windows and doors contribute significantly in these goals too.


Sunburst Windows® of Hawaii discusses how we make your home a better place to live through our windows and doors.

Superior Windows

As your local Sunburst Windows dealer, we offer our customers with high-performance hardware. When we say “high-performance”, we mean products with better elemental resistance, durability, and energy efficiency than the rest. What elevates our windows to a higher level than our competitors is our exclusive composite material: Fibrex®. This is a material made of plastic polymer and real wood fibers, featuring the natural strength and stability of wood and the low-maintenance and water tolerance properties of vinyl.

Fibrex turns our windows into a tight seal that resists external solar radiation and keeps interior temperatures cozy. Since this composite material is naturally strong and heat-resistant, we are free to create narrower windows that maximize glass area. Thanks to its polymer component, Fibrex also has a wider color palette, which means more colors for your replacement windows.

Energy-Efficient Glass Packages

Furthermore, we use high-performance glass for our windows and doors. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® Glass is 56% more energy-efficient in summer. That’s twice as good as ordinary dual-pane glass!

We also offer glass packages for homes with UV exposure problems. Our High-Performance Low-E4 SmartSun™ Glass is 70% more energy-efficient in summer and blocks 95% of ultraviolet radiation. This glass package keeps ultraviolet radiation from damaging your furniture and deflects heat-causing infrared rays from the sun.

Sunburst Windows of Hawaii stands out among other window companies by the quality of our products. Call us today at (808) 800-2799 to learn more about us. We install replacement windows throughout Kapahulu, HI.


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