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Top Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing New Windows | Hawaii

Top Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing New Windows | Hawaii

Choosing the right window for your home is not easy whether you consider installing new windows in your new house or replacing old ones. In addition to selecting the right window, there are other factors to consider, such as proper installation, warranties, design, and energy use.

Windows play an essential role in your home’s appearance, comfort, and security. So, the selection process requires a keen eye for details to avoid costly mistakes. In this blog, you’ll learn about some of the most common errors to avoid in choosing windows that optimally meet your demands, taste, and preferences.

Overlooking Aesthetics

While functionality is essential, it is wise to consider windows that enhance your home’s curb appeal. With the help of a qualified window technician, you should find windows that match the style of your house and blend perfectly with interior decor.

Does your home have a modern or traditional style? For instance, if your house has a modern style, there are different trending and beautiful new windows in the fenestration market that can give your home that sleek and contemporary look.

Homeowners with houses that have a traditional touch can also get windows that give their mansion an antique appearance. Vintage windows that can magnificently complement the look of your conventional home are available and accessible from most window companies.

Not Considering Function or Security

As much as you want your home to have that aesthetic look, you should pay more attention to the functionality and security the windows provide before making the final purchase decision. Windows allow light in your house and safeguard it from burglars and outside elements.

Windows can be the weakest point in your home. Based on statistics, about 23.31 percent of burglars enter homes through windows. So as much as you want your home to look stylish as you choose new windows, do not forget to factor in security. For instance, homeowners in Hawaii who want to enhance their homes’ security may opt for casement and sliding windows that can only be opened from the inside.

Failing to Consider Future Upkeep

When purchasing new windows, most homeowners forget to factor in upkeep costs. Like the installation price, you should always consider maintenance expenses. Different windows require diverse tune-up requirements.

For instance, if you decide on three-paned windows with wooden frames for your home, you should hire a window specialist to paint and seal openings periodically. Individuals notorious for skipping maintenance can use vinyl or fiberglass windows because they require less servicing.

Overlooking Your Location

Some windows don’t perform well in some regions as well as they perform in others. So when choosing new windows for your home, you should research the types of windows that function best with the climate and weather in Hawaii. It is wise to consult with a certified window contractor on suitable window options based on your location.

For example, if you live in an area with high humidity and moisture, do not opt for wood windows because they will wrap, affecting their durability.

Forgetting Energy Efficiency

Considering energy-efficient windows is crucial when choosing new windows for your home because they save on energy costs, are environmentally friendly, and protect your home from harmful sun rays. Assuming that all windows are energy efficient is a mistake that most amateurs make.

Windows that are not highly efficient significantly allow heat gain and loss in your house, skyrocketing your utility bills. Therefore, when selecting windows, go for the ones with the ENERGY STAR label because they are more energy efficient. If you have no idea how to check the labeling in windows, hire a window pro from a reputable company for professional help.

Inaccurate Measurements of Window Openings

Another common mistake homeowners make when choosing new windows for their homes is failing to take accurate measurements of the fenestration. The error can make you buy oversized or undersized windows for your house.

To avoid such mistakes, you should get a pro to correctly measure the height, depth, and width of the openings before you start your window shopping and research. It is also important to consider any trim or moldings that will require removal during the installation of the advanced windows.

Duped Into Buying Bad Windows

Some folks not conversant with home replacement windows are at risk of buying the wrong ones. They are easy to dupe by con men in the window industry. Most window corporations that sell substandard windows take advantage of amateurs as the salespeople focus more on the sale than the quality of services and products they offer.

It is essential to hire a window professional from a reputable company to help in the entire window purchasing process. This will save you from being tricked into buying windows that are not right for your home.

Replacing the Window, Yourself

You may think replacing the window yourself is a cost-saving decision, but it’s not. There is more to installing a window than just fitting it into your wall. Get an expert to install your new windows to ensure comfort and energy efficiency in your homes. Even the most energy-efficient windows require accurate installation for peak performance.

Poor window installation causes numerous home issues, such as high energy bills, moisture leaks that can make mold grow and thrive, and property damage. Therefore, after getting your durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetic replacement windows, you should call an experienced contractor to install them.

Contact Sunburst Windows for Window Replacement Services

Homeowners are likely to make the above mistakes when replacing their windows. Choosing the correct and suitable windows for replacement can save time and costs in the long run, as well as increase overall comfort.

Do you want to replace your windows? Contact Sunburst Windows. We offer window repair, replacement, and installation services throughout Hawaii. Our experts will accurately install your new windows for optimal performance and heightened comfort to your satisfaction.

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