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Benefits Of Installing Replacement Windows In Your Home | Hawaii

Benefits Of Installing Replacement Windows In Your Home | Hawaii

Your windows can develop issues as they age, resulting in problems in your home. If you live in an old house and the windows have never been replaced, or if they were installed 15 years ago, you should consider installing replacement windows in your Hawaii home.

If you aren’t sure if replacing the windows is worth the time and cost, or if you think the windows are good enough, you should consider the benefits.

#1 Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows will be more energy efficient than your existing ones and can save on your energy bills. When your air conditioner runs, the cool air can escape from your old windows, causing the unit to work harder to keep your home cool and will consume more energy, causing your energy bills to increase.

Replacement windows are more energy efficient and have two or three glass panes; insulating gas fills the spaces between the windows, preventing the cold air from escaping, and your energy bills will decrease.

#2 Low Maintenance

Most older windows have wooden frames and are painted. When the paint begins to chip on the indoor or outdoor frame, you’ll need to sand the frames and repaint them to keep them looking nice. This is a tedious project and can take a while if you have multiple frames to paint.

Replacement window frames are made of PVC, fiberglass, or vinyl and don’t need to be painted. The only maintenance necessary is to keep them clean. The indoor frames can be cleaned with warm water and soap, and you can clean the exterior frames with a garden hose. If you install replacement windows in your Hawaii home, you can spend less time maintaining the windows and more time doing something you enjoy.

#3 Washing the Windows Is Easier and Safer

You have to wash your windows regularly to keep them looking nice and provide clear views out of the windows. Unfortunately, washing old windows can be dangerous and time-consuming. You can clean the interior panes from inside the house, and you’ll need a ladder to reach the top of the first-floor windows and the windows on the second floor which can be dangerous. You’ll need to climb up and down the ladder while carrying window cleaner and paper towels which can be difficult, and one misstep can result in a fall and serious injuries. Also, you’ll need to move the ladder from window to window until they are all washed, which is very time-consuming.

Replacement windows are much easier to clean. After washing the interior pane, the window flips out, so you can wash the exterior pane from the safety of your home, and there’s no need for a ladder.

#4 Soundproofing

Older windows often have one pane of glass and don’t provide much insulation for soundproofing. This can be a problem if you live on a busy street or in a neighborhood where the houses are close together. The outside noise can be distracting, and your neighbors can hear everything that goes on inside the house.

If you want more privacy and quiet in your house, you should consider installing replacement windows. The windows have excellent insulation and will soundproof your home, so you won’t have to worry about noise and privacy issues.

#5 UV Protection

When the sun shines through old windows, the sun’s harmful UV rays will fade anything the sun hits, such as your floors, carpeting, and home furnishings.

New windows are designed with a UV filter that will allow the sunlight in and block the UV rays, preventing fading. It’s more cost-effective to install replacement windows than replace faded items with new ones frequently.

#6 Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Old windows can affect your home’s appearance when the paint chips and the wood begins to rot. If you recently replaced the siding or painted your house, your old windows won’t help your home look its best.

Replacement windows don’t need to be painted; they won’t rot and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, reviving the look of your house and improving the curb appeal.

#7 Increase Your Home’s Value

According to, installing replacement windows can increase your home’s value by up to $8,500, which is an 85 percent return on the investment.

If you decide to sell your house, the new windows are an excellent selling point. Most homebuyers today are looking for turn-key, energy-efficient homes, and new windows will attract more buyers, and you’ll get more offers.

#8 Easier to Open and Close

Do you struggle to open and close the windows in your home? If so, it’s time to replace them. The window frames can warp over time, and multiple coats of paint won’t help. Also, if the window locks still work, locking and unlocking can be difficult.

If you install new windows, they will open and close easily, and locking them will be simple, providing added home security.

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