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Signs That It’s Time For Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Signs That It’s Time For Replacement Windows | Hawaii

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When all goes well, the average homeowner doesn’t spend much time thinking about their home’s windows. Some homeowners are perfectly happy as long as their windows are clean, and some don’t even open their windows, favoring the air conditioner instead of letting the air into their home.

So why would you need replacement windows for your home? Actually, there are several reasons that you might want to upgrade your windows with a replacement, because quality windows are an important part of making sure that everything in your home operates the way that it should. If something is a little amiss, you might find yourself paying higher utility bills, having to adjust the interior temperature or even dealing with damage to your home. Check out a few key signs that your home needs replacement windows soon!

Window Condensation Inside the Home

When there’s a large gap between your home’s interior temperature and the outside air temperature, excess moisture can occur, and when it happens around your windows, you might notice condensation buildup. If you’ve got older windows that aren’t as equipped to keep moisture out of the house, condensation is far more likely to occur.

Why is this a problem? Condensation inside your windows can lead to major damage to your home that goes beyond your windows. Excess moisture can weaken and eventually damage wood or metal structures around your windows, causing wood to rot and metal to rust. Worse, a damp surface is an ideal spot for mold spores to grow, a situation no homeowner wants to encounter.

If you’re only noticing interior condensation once or twice in a while, it’s probably not a cause for concern. But if it happens repeatedly, you need to look at getting new double-pane replacement windows to keep excess moisture out of your home.

Frame Problems

Take a good, hard look at your window frames at your Hawaii home. Do they look showroom quality, or are they showing signs of decay? If it’s the latter, you might want to look at giving your windows an upgrade as soon as possible.

Windows are going to eventually decay over time because they’re the most exposed surface to the elements and they’re the point where your home’s atmosphere comes in direct contact with the elements. But decaying windows simply aren’t going to protect the home as well as a high-quality window will, even if they do last longer than it appears they might.

Odds are, once decay sets in, your windows won’t last for much longer, and you really don’t want to find out what could happen if the window decays completely. As soon as you spot any problems with the frame, it’s time to call for replacement windows so you can properly protect your home from the elements.

Loud Exterior Sounds

Are you noticing your neighbors a little more than usual, or are you hearing an increase in traffic outside your home? Chances are that it’s not because your neighbors are any louder than they already were. Instead, it’s likely a sign that your single-pane windows are no longer effective and you need to look at installing replacement windows.

Single-pane windows have two major problems that have caused them to fall out of favor with technological upgrades: they offer nothing in the way of insulation and they offer little in terms of soundproofing the home. Insulation isn’t as big of a deal locally as it might be in a less agreeable climate, but if you’re the kind of person who finds summer temperatures too warm for you, extra insulation from new windows will really pay off.

Even if you’re fine with the outdoor temperature, you can still get some real benefits out of upgrading your windows to double-glazed or even triple-glazed. Newer windows can keep sound from your neighbors out of your home, allowing you to hear the sounds that you want to hear. Plus, newer replacement windows can add tangible value to your home. Double-glazed windows are more environmentally efficient, so adding these windows to your home will increase its value and result in more money in your pocket if you ever decide to sell it.

Drafty Windows

Here’s a test you should try out: hold a tissue up to your window and see if there’s any movement. If there is, you should really consider swapping out your windows, because you’ve got a draft in your home.

This might be one of the least noticeable problems in a home on the islands, because drafty windows won’t really make a home uncomfortable here like they might on the mainland. But even here, it’s still a good idea to upgrade to replacement windows because of the damage a draft can do to your air conditioner. When your AC works harder, you shorten the life of your AC as it exerts more energy to get to the right temperature. Over time, that can lead to higher repair costs and early replacements.

High Energy Bills

Here’s one of the best reasons that you should consider upgrading your windows: energy-efficient windows can cut back on your electric bills. Hawaiians pay more per kilowatt hour than any other state, so if your home is working harder to keep your home at the right temperature, you’re going to notice it on your monthly energy bill.

Upgrading to double-glazed replacement windows can help keep the cool air you want inside your home, which means that your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work anywhere near as hard. Over time, you’ll notice real savings on your energy bills from your air conditioner using less power. If you make a switch from single-pane windows to double-glazed windows, you’ll cut your annual energy usage by about 10 percent. In a state like Hawaii, that can make a huge difference!

At Sunburst Windows, we’re always ready to help local residents add replacement windows to their homes and make them more comfortable and stylish than ever. If you’re ready for an upgrade, we’re just a call away!


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