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Choosing Specialty Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

Choosing Specialty Replacement Windows | Oahu, HI

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Windows have many practical functions, such as lowering energy costs, letting in light, and encouraging air circulation. Choosing replacement windows doesn’t have to be just a practical chore. Specialty windows give your home a unique appearance and accent interior decor and interests.

Trapezoid Windows

Trapezoid replacement windows are often associated with attics, gables, and dormers. Attics tend to be musty, dark, and drab. New trapezoid windows can change the entire atmosphere of an attic or loft. They let natural sunlight enter the room and provide an inlet for fresh air. Dark, dreary areas can be transformed from uninviting storage space to comfortable rooms.

A trapezoid has four sides. Two sides are parallel to each other, and the other two sides can be any length. Sides with different lengths and customized corner angles create unique shapes. can form varying angles in each corner, so trapezoid windows can have unique shapes. Customized shapes enhance architectural designs and help your home stand out.

Sunlight may not be always desirable during hot summer months in Oahu, HI. Too much sunlight raises the temperature of the room, but there are plenty of pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, and roller shutters available to keep windows covered during the day. Window coverings can add charm to a room and complement decorative themes.

Round Windows

Round replacement windows include many more shapes than just a perfect circle. Additional round shapes include quarter round, elliptical, chord, oval, and half round. Round windows have a rich history. They were found in Gothic cathedrals and frequently contained stained glass in large and small churches of all kinds.

Modern round replacement windows usually aren’t as ornate or colorful as their historical counterparts, but they still provide a focal point in many architectural styles. Victorian style homes frequently incorporate circular windows. Homeowners can still choose round replacement windows with stained glass, decorative frames, or etched glass. Additional customization includes custom window shades or decorative glass panels.

Half round windows are often combined with other windows or placed over doors to create an arched appearance. They can also be installed in attics or upper stories to give an impression of overlooking a home.

Quarter round windows installed above doors create an asymmetric effect. They can be installed in pairs for a symmetrical, half round look. Elliptical windows have an oblong shape. They’re generally wider than round windows and may be installed in quarter or half segments.

Oval windows are taller and wider than round windows. They’re typically installed as decorative frames that function as a focal point of an overall exterior design. Quarter and half segment round windows combined with transom or picture windows create unique arched structures.

The majority of oval, chord, round, and elliptical windows are window segments. They’re fixed instead of operable, but some specialty pivoting round windows can open by rotating outwards from a center point. Homeowners in Oahu,HI, frequently appreciate operable windows to take advantage of the pleasant climate and natural breezes.

Hexagon Windows

Hexagon windows, also called Melnikov’s or honeycomb windows, are the rarest of specialty windows. They have six sides and come in small and large sizes with horizontal or vertical orientations. Hexagon styles are reminiscent of honeycomb structures or crystal lattices.

This type of window is historically associated with architectural styles of constructivism, functionalism and cubism. They were traditionally used as attic windows in Northern European manor houses in the 19th century after being introduced by the Russian constructivist architect Konstantin Melnikov. His home included 124 hexagonal windows that were the main source of interior lighting.

Specialty hexagonal windows can be elongated or contain separators. They’re often installed in attics or lofts, but they can also function as major architectural elements and increase natural sunlight in homes and buildings. Most hexagonal styles are fixed windows, but they’re operable in some cases.

Its very hard to install a hexagon window without professional assistance because openings almost always need to be customized for such a unique shape. The most compelling benefit of hexagon replacement windows is their eye-catching decorative perspective. They’re ideal for drawing attention to specific areas or functioning as the center of interesting architectural configurations.

Arched Windows

Arched replacement windows are a great way to add style and sophistication to your home. They can have a soft, curved shape or utilize sharp angles to complement other window styles and mesh with almost any interior design theme. Homes with gables and chimneys can benefit from arched windows that follow the gable’s curve instead of rectangular windows that can be a jarring interruption to the overall aesthetic. An arched window is also a good way to design an eye-catching entryway. This type of window admits plenty of sunlight and makes doorways appear taller and larger than they really are.

Triangle Windows

Triangle replacement windows are experiencing a surge in popularity. Historically, they’ve been around since the 1700s and were frequently installed in churches, schools, and hospitals. They have a relatively unique shape that works well in large and small sizes. It’s easier to find, or modify, window coverings for triangular windows than most other geometric specialty shapes.

Homeowners can even find triangular screens for operable windows, although the majority of triangular windows are fixed. Their design and shape isn’t easily adapted to open, but it can be done sometimes. Large triangular windows installed near ceilings let sunlight flood into rooms. They enhance angles on v-shaped walls and work well to increase natural lighting in bedrooms, play rooms, and lofts.

Call the professionals at Sunburst Windows in Oahu, HI, if you’re thinking about replacement windows. Choose from a wide range of traditional or specialty windows that can add a unique touch and enhance your home’s aesthetics.


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