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Should You Replace or Repair Your Windows? | House Windows in Oahu

Should You Replace or Repair Your Windows? | House Windows in Oahu

You may not need to have your house windows in Oahu replaced yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of this course of action at all down the line. If they are more than a couple of decades old, it might be time to get a new set.

The fact is that like other accouterments, house windows in Oahu are not built to last forever. They will eventually start to show cracks or break off in chunks within15 or 20 years tops. If they are maintained, they may last for 20 years but even then you should seriously consider getting new ones in their place.

Age is not the only factor you should look at. Here are some other signs that indicate that you should consider replacements for your house windows in Oahu:

  • Drafts– Damaged single pane house windows in Oahu can let chilly drafts into your home from broken seals and small gaps especially if they are not installed properly.
  • High energy bill– If your house windows in Oahu let in drafts and allow warm air to leak out, chances are your HVAC system is working overtime and your energy bill has hit the roof.
  • Stuck windows– Windows that are single and double pane can get difficult to open and close with time. This can happen when they lose balance, the foundation settles down which causes the windows to jam.
  • Condensation – Double pane windows are notorious for this. With time, the seal between them can develop cracks which allow moisture to get in. This can lead to extensive water damage with time. So if you live in an area that experiences frequent showers, you should consider replacing these with single pane windows.

Traditionally, when house windows in Oahu were damaged, they were repaired and especially those that were made of wood. Some of them were replaced with vinyl and metal options to save money and time. The second option gained popularity after fiberglass and vinyl windows came into existence which were also quite cost effective. In other words, owners decided that they could save a lot of money down the line by just replacing old and damaged windows with new ones and also because the old ones were never the same after a repair job.

So when should you seriously consider replacing house windows in Oahu? While the aforementioned signs should be considered as well, the following are serious enough to merit immediate replacements:


If you see water droplets near the window sill, chances are that they came from around the sides of the window. This is a common problem in homes that have drains and gutters that don’t drain properly and which direct water towards windows.

Even though the seal around windows is meant to keep out moisture, it is not made to withstand pressure. You can try and re-route the draining system or to save money, just have your house windows in Oahu replaced with sturdier ones.

This is a viable option since your existing windows may have weak casings. In any case, replacing the entire window, frame and all is the best way to seal your home from the elements.

Misty Windows

As mentioned before, condensation between window panes is a serious problem in house windows in Oahu that are double paned. You can spot the problem if you look the glass which should look foggy or misty. Rather than trying to fix the problem, you can save money by having them replaced with options that are sealed. Chances are that if you try and seal your existing windows yourself, you will do more harm than good.You can also just get the sash replaced but only if that solves your problem.

Cracked or Damaged Glass

Besides the visual appeal of your windows, you should also take safety into account when you consider replacing them. While the glass in single pane windows can be replaced or even repaired, the same cannot be said of multiple paned windows.

When the glass in a double paned window is damaged or cracked for instance, it can lead to cuts and even fall off completely. If the problem is extensive enough to the point that the frame is getting damaged as well, you should consider getting new house windows in Oahu.

Damaged Mullions

Mullions are those wood chunks that are used to keep 2 pieces of glass separate in multiple paned windows. If your windows have fake ones attached for effect, they cannot be replaced at all so if they are damaged, you should consider getting new windows with fresh mullions.

However, if your windows have the genuine article (mullions made of actual wood), they will get warped with time and even grow brittle. This can be dangerous since that wood is the only thing keeping those 2 window panes in place. If the problem is too much to handle, consider getting new windows with fresh mullions installed as soon as possible.

Immovable Sashes

Most old windows have one thing in common – sashes that are stuck. This can be due to a number of reasons. Maybe the paint job you did on the windows made the sash stick to the frame or maybe the sash came off its track or the spring may have come loose.

Whatever the reason may be, if the sash on your window is stuck for long enough, it will be incredibly difficult to dislodge. If you exert a lot of force, you may sustain serious injuries and may break the window frame.

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