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Pros And Cons Of Arched Replacement Windows For Your Home | Hawaii

Pros And Cons Of Arched Replacement Windows For Your Home | Hawaii

If your windows are damaged, broken, or warped, it is the ideal time to replace them with the preferable type or design of new energy-efficient windows. You might wish to change your windows due to the problems you may be experiencing from the old windows. Out of the many types of replacement windows, you can opt for arched windows or any other type of window that fits your budget, preferences, and taste.

The arched windows are also known as hipped or barrel-vaulted windows, and they provide an illusion of additional height in your Hawaii Home. They are curved at the top, a feature that gives your home a unique architectural look. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of arched windows.

Advantages of Pinned or Arched Windows

Unique Look

Arched windows are the best replacement windows you can invest in because they will give your home a sophisticated and elegant appearance. With proper installation, the windows look fantastic and can be the focal point that attracts your neighbors’ attention as they pass by your house. The window color and design should blend with your interior decor and exterior structural design to get the perfect beautiful appearance.

Timeless Touch

The eye-catching windows are best for people that want an architectural modern or traditional look in their homes. They can make your home stand out from other homes that have rectangular windows.

Homeowners who fancy classic windows can opt for the barrel-vaulted windows for that distinctive timeless charm they can provide. The replacement windows can also be the design emphasis for a contemporary architectural home.

Fits in Different Buildings

The arched windows are also appropriate for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Most churches love the pattern and style of the arched windows.

So, if your company or residential property needs replacement windows, the arched windows can be the best fit because they are suitable for large fenestration openings.

Energy Efficient

Most new home windows are Energy-Star Qualified, making them energy-efficient. The arched replacement windows have double or more glazes filled with a combination of gasses for improved insulation. The sealed windows prevent heat gain or loss, increasing the comfort in your house.

The energy-efficient windows have low-Emissivity coatings that reduce the UV light from penetrating through to fade the fabrics and clothes. The arched energy-efficient windows are the best in reducing the energy costs because of the tight seals that prevent conditioned air from escaping.


Another advantage of the arched windows is the maximum comfort you get during hot or cold days. The pinned windows do not allow heat to enter or escape your house because of sufficient insulation.

The insulated windows prevent hot and cold spots that make the home uncomfortable. Therefore, qualified and certified window technicians maximize your comfort through the proper installation of the windows.


The arched replacement windows come in different types and styles, as some are round, oval, or semi-circular. You can also get other arched window shapes that give your Hawaii house a contemporary architectural look.

Getting the best window experts can help customize your windows with different grille types and patterns that make your home aesthetic. The specialty sizes, exotic wood species, lite patterns, custom colors and finishes, and unique shapes are options you can use for customized hipped or arched windows.

Value Addition

Homeowners planning to sell their homes should consider the arched windows that add distinct architectural details to your home, making it attractive. Its distinctive appearance makes the house aesthetically appealing, attracting potential buyers.

Even though the buyers do not consider the windows alone when deciding, having great replacement windows like arched windows can influence their final decision.

Disadvantages of The Arched Windows

Costly Installation

The arched windows also have a downside, including the expensive installation process. The window contractor can charge more for installing arched windows because of the additional components or parts such as hardware and gaskets for complete and correct installation. Installing the windows might require interference with existing doorways or plumbing systems.

Since the process is not straightforward and can cause more issues or complications during the installation process, it requires the craftsmanship of skilled and experienced technicians from a reputable company.

For that reason, you have to do adequate research on the best companies to employ and their level of expertise. You can also ask your friends and relatives to refer you to the best window installer they know.

Limited Ventilation

Apart from the beauty and aesthetic appeal the windows portray, the windows do not provide sufficient ventilation in homes. The windows are fixed, implying they cannot allow fresh and clean air inside the house.

The window technicians can install the pinned or arched windows as stand-alone windows as unique rooflines, extended glass patios, and a stand-alone circle or a quarter-arc circle. They can also add operable rectangular window types that allow free air circulation. The windows should blend well with the arched windows to retain or magnify the beauty of your residence.

Modernized Solutions

Another disadvantage of the arched window is the lack of more advanced options for the replacement windows. Limited companies make or customize the windows because of the low demand from contemporary homes or commercial buildings.

Most window companies avoid making the arched windows because of the challenges it involves getting the best fittings and other window supplies that can customize the windows perfectly.

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The hipped or arched windows are among the best windows that help maintain the structural integrity of a home. The windows add value, energy efficiency, and beauty to your house with the correct installation.

Therefore, after getting the replacement windows for installation in your old home during the renovation, you should call Sunburst Windows of Hawaii for the best installation services.

We are a company that specializes in doors and windows and offers durable, affordable, and aesthetic choices. Our factory-trained window technicians use the latest installation techniques to efficiently and correctly install your new windows.

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