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Thinking About Buying New Windows? Here Is What You Should Consider First | Oahu, HI

Thinking About Buying New Windows? Here Is What You Should Consider First | Oahu, HI

Once you start thinking about replacing your existing windows, the process can get a little bit stressful. Let’s face it, the new windows you select will change the overall look of your Oahu, HI home, as well as how much sunlight gets into your rooms. Additionally, it can affect your electric bill and even how much effort and time it will take to clean them every time you do housework. You also have to decide on the materials you want and find a professional window installer to get them done the right way. These details and many others can make your new window task list look like a giant headache. But, getting lost in the number of details will only make the process more difficult for you, which is why we created this compilation of important things to consider when you are looking to buy new windows. Let’s take a look.

First things first: How much do you want to spend?

The issue of money will probably come up at some point, that’s a certainty, but it is actually the first thing you should consider. Ask yourself how much money you want to spend and whether you can afford to pay it out of pocket or will need some form of financing. Keep in mind that the final amount may be way over what you have planned, so maintain an open mind and don’t get fixated on a specific material or design until you are positive you are able to pay the final amount or find solid financing.

The importance of energy efficiency

Energy efficient windows have a tendency to pay for themselves over the long term. They do so by helping you save money on your electric bill. Think about it this way, windows aren’t only used to allow sunlight into your house, they can also let the cool air out, which will increase your electric bill due to the continued use of your air conditioner to maintain an adequate temperature indoors. This process is known as “energy loss”, and this is exactly what you want to avoid when you get new windows. Because of this, once you start shopping around for replacement windows, you should talk to the experts at Sunburst Windows about energy efficiency and which materials are best for your energy efficiency needs.

Always take your home’s design into account

It’s easy to fall in love with the windows you saw in an architectural magazine or online, but while they may be the perfect fit for the home they were mounted on, they could actually be detrimental to your own home’s design. When looking for new windows, never lose sight of the architecture and orientation of your home in relation to the sun, as well as the surrounding landscape. It is this that will dictate how your new windows end up looking and functioning once all has been said and done.

What materials do you want for your new window frames?

In the past, window frames were usually only made out of wood, but these days there is a plethora of materials that can be used to create more cost effective, easy to maintain, great looking and amazingly insulating window frames. Among all the materials available, the most popular ones are aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Let’s take a look at the positive features of these three materials.

  • Wood – As always, wood provides easily personalized windows and the highest form of energy efficiency. Even so, they require more maintenance more frequently than any other material.
  • Aluminum – Possibly the most inexpensive material of all, it is also very long-lasting, but when it comes to energy efficiency, it rates on the lowest tier of the scale, so it is best to consider other options before choosing this one.
  • Fiberglass – The most versatile of all materials, it provides long-lasting windows and the highest degree of insulation, but the cost is just as high, which can be a turn-off for many in this respect.

Of course, as we already mentioned, these aren’t the only materials available, so check with the pros at Sunburst Windows before settling on one of the ones mentioned here.

Don’t forget about safety

One of the reasons why we have windows in your Oahu, HI homes is to keep our families safe from a number of things, but, because of their very nature, one of the biggest issues to consider when looking for new windows is how safe they are for those inside the home. This means you will need windows that are childproof, to prevent them from opening the window and climbing out or hurting their fingers accidentally. Additionally, your replacement windows should keep you safe against people breaking in, whether through locks or security bars.

Choose the design that works best in your home

New windows are available in an almost endless selection of designs, each one of which features different characteristics and caters to specific tastes. Because of this, it is a good idea to ask the experts at Sunburst Windows in Oahu, HI to present a varied selection of possible choices for the specific style of your home before you settle on one. Keep in mind that fitting new windows is a pretty exact science, so purchasing those cute windows with the peculiar design you found at a hardware store may not be your best option. The pros at Sunburst Windows will go to your home and make sure they take the exact measurements to craft your replacement windows, which means that there is no possibility for energy loss after they have been installed.

In the end, the style, materials, and other features you select for your new windows is up to you and your budget, but keeping all of these tips in mind when you are going through the process of selecting them will make your experience much more enjoyable and less of a headache. So, don’t hesitate and give us a call today, we will be happy to help you get the windows you have always wanted.

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