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Is It Time to Replace Your Home Windows? | Hawaii

Is It Time to Replace Your Home Windows? | Hawaii

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Despite being an essential element of homes, windows are quickly forgotten. Some homeowners only give thought to their windows when something goes wrong. Don’t wait for that foreboding air leakage or noise pollution to remind you it’s time to replace your home windows.

When replacing your windows, you can choose from a wide range of options, including frame and glazing type windows, gas fills, spacers, and operation type replacements. You could also opt for energy-efficient window replacements, which could potentially help you cut 25 to 30 percent of your energy utility bill.

Depending on environmental factors, quality and maintained windows can last for more than 20 years. If your home windows are already a few decades old, then it may be time to consider a replacement. Here’s what to be on the lookout for.

Leaky and drafty home windows

Drafty windows occur due to aging, causing the panes to break or get smaller, thus allowing cold drafts of air to enter your living room during the winter. These drafts may also occur when your windows don’t close properly. Drafty windows significantly compromise the comfort of your home and the energy efficiency of the house.

Another sure indicator of window problems is water infiltration within your home. This could happen when you have gutters and drainpipes installed improperly, forcing excess water inside your home through the windows. Even though a defect in your windows may not initially cause the problem, this could be a sign that you need to consider replacing them.

Depreciated curb appeal

This is among the telltale signs of a home with ailing windows. Windows makes up a large percentage of the curb appeal derived from residential property’s exterior components. They contribute significantly to the first impression people have of your home keeping skills.

As such, low-quality windows, damaged window frames, cracked panes, and loosely hanging windows give you a negative impression and your family. The moment you begin noticing signs of physical destruction of your home windows, you should book an appointment with a trusted window replacement company for prompt solutions.

Constant repainting and repair work

Hawaii is known for its humid weather conditions that affect wood durability, which is the primary material used in making window frames. Traditional wood frames typically have a shorter lifespan in damp conditions, and you may notice that after every few months, the paint on your windows begins to peel off, and the wooden frame under it cracks.

You may have window technicians paint and repaint the windows several times, but home window replacement could be the only long term remedy. This gives you a chance to avoid the extra maintenance cost that comes with the repainting process and repairing the cracked wooden frames.

Observable cracks on the window panes

Like physically damaged window frames, visible damage to the glass on your windows is a sure indicator that it’s time to consider replacement options for your home.

Even if the windows are still holding up, cracks are an indication that moisture could be finding its way inside your home. Cracked window panes pose a threat to the safety of your family too. For instance, during a storm, winds may cause a branch to hit your window, leading to the glass breaking, thereby injuring anyone.

If your windows have already served you for a good number of years, notable cracks indicate that you need a new set of home windows. You could make simple single-pane window replacements, or if you have multi-pane windows, consider installing sash replacements.

Difficulty in opening and closing of the window

As time passes, your home windows frame becomes warped, making it hard for you to open or close the window. Such problems may also occur when window tracks get misaligned over time. The warping may cause difficulty in keeping the window open or closed.

If you have to use a prop every time you want to keep your window open, then it’s a sign that you need to consider making immediate replacements. Propping windows can be quite dangerous, especially if you have young children.

Besides, windows that don’t lock properly compromise your home’s security since intruders could use them as entry points. Dangerous animals, such as snakes and raccoons, could also find their way into your home through such openings.

Therefore, homeowners must consider making home window replacements when encountering problems with their windows’ opening and closing functionalities.

Payment of high utility bills

Uncontrolled movement of drafts of air from your home through the windows can cause your heating and cooling units to work overtime to compensate for the fluctuation of temperature. This will be reflected in your monthly electric utility bill.

A spike in your bill is a sign that you need to replace your home windows. This move will lower not only your monthly expenditure but also your carbon footprint, thus contributing to making the environment safer. Energy-efficient home windows will provide adequate insulation by letting warm air out during hot weather seasons and retaining it during winter.

Increased noise infiltration

With time, your window’s soundproofing features get weaker, thereby allowing noise into your home. This can be quite an inconvenience, especially if you live in congested or noisy areas.

If the noise infiltration level is becoming too much to handle, you can have a certified window installer mount some new replacements. Homeowners can decide between well-sealed double-pane and triple-pane windows that could substantially reduce the amount of outdoor noise coming into their homesteads.

A reliable home window replacement company

Choosing the right home windows to add value and flair to your house. However, the best windows won’t deliver the comfort, look, or savings you expect if they’re not installed correctly. Not worry, though. You can reach out to Sunburst Windows of Hawaii and enjoy the benefits of perfectly installed windows.

Our expert window installers have offered full-scale home window solutions for more than 35 years. They are adept at handling double-hung, casement, specialty, bow and bay, and awning windows. We at Sunburst Windows are just a phone call away.


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