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Home Windows: Finding Your Style 101 | Oahu, HI

Home Windows: Finding Your Style 101 | Oahu, HI

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Choosing a window design for your home can be a daunting task. Home windows are designed to:

  • Offer functionality and aesthetics
  • Boost ventilation
  • Let light into the home
  • Complement the house’s design

You need a design that lets in lots of natural light, brightens the mood in the home, and allows unrestricted airflow into and out of the house. Ideally, your design of choice should also align with your home’s aesthetic and make the exterior even more beautiful.

If you have picturesque scenery outside your home, some window styles allow you to showcase the views and enjoy them from inside the house. Some types of windows are great for maximizing ventilation, while others are great for enhancing natural light. But before we jump into the different styles of home windows available to Oahu, HI homeowners, let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when you choose a window style.

Tips On Choosing the Right Windows For Your Home

Different styles of home windows are suited for specific functions. For instance, you won’t get value for your money if you choose a style that’s better at enhancing light when you actually want a window for ventilation. Here are a few things to think about before you buy a window:

  • Your home’s architectural style: Choose a window that fits in seamlessly with your home’s design and enhances its aesthetic.


  • The function they will serve: Do you want to increase the amount of natural light in your home or a window design that can also act as a sliding door? In which rooms will the windows be installed? How much natural light should the windows provide?


  • The amount of ventilation needed: A window’s essential function is to allow the flow of fresh air into the home. Windows that can be operated are more suited for boosting ventilation.


  • Your interior design: Your home window design of choice should also complement and enhance the interior of your home. Certain rooms would look better with large expansive windows, while others would be more suited to smaller windows.

Types of Window Styles

1. Bay and Bow Windows

If you’re looking for a style of home windows that will fill a room with natural light and let in lots of fresh air, bay and bow windows will interest you. This window design consists of several individual windows joined together in a curve and jutting out of the exterior of the home. They are hinged to the side of their window frames and open out and to the side. Bow windows are larger, usually consisting of four or more windows. Their large size makes them great for fitting large areas (at least 80 inches), and many homeowners in Oahu, HI, have used bow windows to create a cozy nook by wrapping the expensive windows around a corner. They also create a pleasant turret shape from the outside.

On the other hand, bay windows are smaller and usually consist of two windows, one fixed one and two operable ones on each side. They are versatile and can be installed in a variety of different locations. Bay windows are great at enhancing natural light levels and boosting airflow. Thanks to their angular lines, bay windows look good on traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles homes. Since both windows slightly jut out of the home’s wall, they can actually save a little interior space.

2. Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

Also known as double-sash windows, this style of home windows comprises one or two movable panels or ‘sashes’ that slide up and down. Double-hung windows have two operable sashes on a single frame that move up and down on either the bottom, top, or both, while single-hung windows have one movable lower sash. Single and double-hung windows are excellent for maximizing ventilation in the home. They are easy to clean and offer an acceptable level of security.

Double-hung home windows are ideal for bedrooms since they allow for ventilation. Both types can also be installed in walls next to decks, patients, and walkways as the sashes remain flush with the wall, even when the window is open. This also makes them energy efficient as the snug fit between the sash and the window frame significantly limits air infiltration.

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most secure and energy-efficient home windows. A casement window consists of a sash hinged to the side of a window frame and opens outward to the side. Although some casements can be opened and closed manually, most casement windows are operated by a hand crank installed on the lower part of the windows frame. Casements can come with up to five sashes. They are much more efficient at preventing air infiltration when closed than other window styles and provide excellent security.

When opened, casement home windows are great at boosting ventilation. They are also designed so that the sash doesn’t obstruct the opening and are ideal for spaces where the available height is greater than the width.

4. Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open up and out from the bottom. They can be opened manually or with a hand crank. Since they open upwards from the top, they can keep water from entering the house, even during light rainstorms. They are also good for increasing ventilation and enhancing natural light. Awning windows are pretty versatile and can fit in different styles and rooms. Bathrooms are an ideal room for wider awning windows as they can be installed above eye lines to ensure privacy while increasing airflow and light levels.

Since they don’t block the window opening when they open, awning windows can be used to frame the landscape. They are also energy efficient as they form a tight fit with the window frame when closed. Wind blowing onto the window from the outside makes the seal even faster and minimizes air infiltration.

Home Windows in Oahu, HI

Deciding on a home window design may be stressful, but the silver lining is that each style is suited for a particular function. Once you know what function the window will serve and consider your exterior and interior design, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. Sunburst Windows of Hawaii has a wide selection of windows to choose from and a range of skilled technicians to handle all the heavy work. Contact us today for more information about our services and schedule an appointment.


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