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All You Need To Know About Double Hung Home Windows | Oahu, HI

All You Need To Know About Double Hung Home Windows | Oahu, HI

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Double hung windows feature two sashes, making them home windows ideal for efficient air circulation. The top sash lowers to eliminate the hot air that comes from your ceiling to the outside environment. The lower sash raises to let cool air from the outside into your home.

The sashes slide vertically within the frame, and you can pen them simultaneously for maximum air circulation. You have probably noticed that some homes in your Oahu, HI, neighborhood have double hung windows and have asked yourself why that is. Read on to identify some of the benefits these windows will offer you if you’re looking to renovate existing or install new windows.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Increased Aesthetics

If you’re looking for home windows that can fit into any home’s architecture, then the double hung style is ideal. The style can perfectly blend with the interior design of any room in your home since it comes in different designs, styles, finishes, and colors.

You shouldn’t get worried if your new double hung windows will mingle with the interior design of your conventional or modern home. Pick a classic design with white exterior frames. For a modern look, go for double hung windows with a bold frame with burgundy or black. If you aren’t sure about what design to pick, you can seek professional help from a trustworthy window company in your area.

Easy Cleaning

Sometimes home windows can be hard to clean and maintain. However, having double hung windows in your home will be the end of cleaning and maintenance inconveniences. These windows have tilt-out sashes, which make cleaning a smooth activity you can do inside your house without the help of a window technician.

Apart from cleaning, you can avoid paying maintenance service fees since it’s easier to lubricate them. However, if you inspect them and find missing parts or cracked panes, you’ll need to seek assistance from a window expert to handle the repairs. Doing it yourself can be injurious and damage the whole window altogether. If you find it hard maintaining your current windows, consider replacing them with double hung windows for increased cleaning convenience.

Improved Safety

Every homeowner wants to live in a safe house that shields them and their valuables against injury to dwellers. Installing secure windows is among the safety measures you should focus on while executing projects tailored to bolster security on your property. Safety means fewer injury cases and reduced hospital bills.

Double hung windows are an ideal option if you have small children in your home. Some window openings are too low to an extent where a child can reach them and try to jump out. The double-hung design allows you to open the upper sash and leave the lower sash closed, eliminating chances of accidents involving kids falling to the outside through windows.

Don’t wait until your kid experiences a fatal accident while attempting to climb on the window opening by seeking a window specialist to replace windows on low-level window openings with double hung ones.

Efficient Ventilation

Double hung home windows offer maximum ventilation when you open both sashes. These windows are perfect for rooms that require more air circulation, for instance, kitchens and bathrooms. Activities in these rooms produce excess moisture that can lead to unpleasant odors, mold and mildew growth, staining, and slippery surfaces.

With proper ventilation, such incidents can be prevented. If you constantly use the bathroom and kitchen in your Oahu, HI, home, consider liaising with a home windows specialist to install double hung windows to achieve maximum air circulation.

Energy Efficiency

Apart from high ventilation features, these home windows can play a part in reducing your monthly energy bills. Double hung windows are well-known for allowing more natural light into homes. You can consult with your provider of window services to help you choose an energy-efficient model if you’re a fan of saving bills and environmental conservation. You can invest in double hung windows with panes that have Low-E glass with glass fill.

After knowing the advantages double hung home windows can offer you, the next stage is understanding which types are available in the market and what design and style suit your home before making a purchase.

Types of Double Hung Windows

Composite/Fiberglass Double Hung Windows

A few homeowners have composite double hung windows, and it’s because the windows look like painted wood. Most homeowners opt to go for the real wood design. However, these home windows are durable and priced lower than wood double hung windows.

Wood Double Hung Windows

This is the most visually appealing type and other window types, including vinyl and composite, try to copy the look. Pricing depends on the material used. For instance, wooden home windows made of mahogany and black walnut are the most expensive. If you want an affordable option, then choose those made of pine.

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

These windows are durable and strong, and most manufacturers give lifetime warranties. They are less expensive compared to double hung wooden windows. The only con for these windows is a limited variety of color options. Interior and exterior color selections range between two and 10.

Identifying the correct size, design, and double hung windows ideal for your home is necessary. It helps eliminate inconveniences such as going back to your supplier to get the right size after spending on transport, especially if the store is far from your home.

To be 100 percent sure you get windows that’ll fit your needs, plan with a window specialist to come to your property and assess what size and design are appropriate.

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