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Everything You Should Know Before You Buy New Home Windows | Oahu, HI

Everything You Should Know Before You Buy New Home Windows | Oahu, HI

Buying new home windows in Oahu, HI can be an exciting time, but before you get into the hype of choosing your favorite style and design you should first ask yourself why you need to make such a large purchase. There are many reasons why you could need new home windows, the most common of which is that the old ones are no longer efficient or safe. But regardless of the reason, whether you are renovating or upgrading your home or simply because you want a new design, you should take a minute or two to take a look at our list of things you should know before you purchase your new home windows.

When Should You Buy New Windows?

Their reasons for buying new home windows are as varied as numerous as the number of people looking to do it. Some of the most common reasons are wanting to upgrade to more energy efficient windows, updating the home’s exterior look, damage to the old windows, and even on a whim, because you don’t like your existing windows anymore. In the end, the time to buy new windows is completely up to you and your budget, so take your time and try to find the ones you like the best.

What Material Should You Choose For Your New Windows?

Before you run to the hardware store to look for the prettiest windows or the safest, you should quite literally know the materials available and how they benefit you and your home. One of the most important things to keep in mind before you choose your new windows is the type of material they are made out of. It’s important to know what materials are best for the area where you live, the weather all year round and how old your house is. Additionally, the place in which your new windows will be located plays an important part in selecting the best material to use for them.

Some of the most popular materials for windows are wood, fiberglass, and aluminum, all of which have varying degrees of strength and cost, with fiberglass being the most expensive of them all.

Out of the materials mentioned above, the most popular choice is wood, and while it does require periodic maintenance and painting, it is possibly the most versatile and sturdy of the lot.

One, Two, or Three Panes?

When you are choosing new home windows, you should first decide on the number of panes you want to install. It’s good to know that single pane windows are no longer commonly used because they break easily and don’t provide good insulation. On the other hand, double pane windows trap air between the two layers, which serves as an excellent way to prevent the loss of heat, and they are available in a wide range of designs and varying degrees of insulation.

Finally, triple pane windows can be more expensive than double pane ones, but they work very well at insulating your Oahu, HI home if you live in the noisy part of town or near a highway or train station, so they may be your best investment. Additionally, in areas where the winter months are very cold, triple pane windows can prove to be worth their weight in gold as their capacity for insulation will prevent the home’s energy bill from increasing. So, in essence, the more insulation your home needs, the more panes you should get.

What Exactly Are the R and U Values?

If you’ve never had to select new windows before, you probably don’t know what the R value and U factor of home windows are. On the one hand, the R value is a direct reference to the energy efficiency value of the window, so, the higher it is, the more insulation it provides. As an example, keep in mind that a single pane window has an R value that is equivalent to 1. Starting at that point, double pane windows can have an R value that is as high as 4, but triple pane windows are usually graded with a 5 to 7 R value.

On the other hand, a window’s U factor is a reference to how efficient a window is at conducting non-solar heat. So, in this case, the lower the number, the more efficient the window is. If you are wondering what all of this means for the windows you want, a good thing to consider is that windows that are highly efficient, this means windows with a high R value and a low U factor, can help you receive certain tax credits and perks, while helping you lower your home’s power bill, which is a nice reward in and of itself.

Are Sliding Windows Worth the Trouble?

Sliding windows are great for kitchens and family rooms, especially when you are looking for access to a patio or balcony, but you should keep in mind that while sliding windows are great of letting in light and allowing you to enjoy the view of the outside part of your home without any obstructions, they can make it a bit harder to ventilate the room than having windows that open all the way. To make up for this, sliding windows are not as expensive and don’t require as much maintenance as other types of windows because they are simple and functional, something that makes them a great choice for certain parts of your home.

Are Your New Home Windows Safe?

While some windows are gorgeously designed, elegant and large enough to light up your whole house during the day, features that will make your home look great, no matter where you stand, they may not be your best option in what refers to safety, especially not if you have children. Safety is another concern if you install single pane windows, because they break easily and can cause injuries or worse. Because of this, always make sure the windows you select are up to date and built according to the most current codes, as well as ensuring the locks are durable and tamper resistant. This will keep your family and property safe from accidents and unwanted break-ins.

Looking for New Home Windows?

Looking for new home windows in Oahu, HI can be an enjoyable experience if you know what to look for. Now that you know how to choose the best windows, it’s time to give Sunburst Windows a call to schedule an appointment with the pros who will make sure you get the best windows you have ever owned!

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