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Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Windows | Hawaii

Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Windows | Hawaii

New windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the features of the replacement windows you end up choosing are bound by the characteristics of the windows already in place in your home. Even so, you still have many choices in what refers to the aesthetic of your new windows, including glazing options, the materials, and the overall design. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about replacing your windows in Hawaii before you make your final choice.

Glazing: The First Step Toward Energy Efficiency

The first feature you should look at when you are looking for replacement windows is the glazing options available to you. The most energy efficient windows are made with either two or three layers of glass, which is why they are known as double or triple pane windows. The space between each layer serves as a barrier against the loss of warmth or cool air from the inside while preventing the entrance of heat from the outside. To further increase a window’s efficiency, sometimes the space between the glass layers is filled with a glass that reduces the conduction of the flow of heat. The most common gasses used for this purpose are Argon and Krypton.

Tints and Coatings Improve Performance

There are other ways in which replacement windows can be made to perform better. Some of these are special films, tints, and coatings. Let’s look at what each can do:

Films – Reflective films, named this way because they give windows an appearance that is similar to a mirror, are used to block much of the sun’s energy to keep the interior of the room cooler than it would be without the film. While this is an excellent feature, they tend to block sunlight too, which results in a darker room and a higher use of electricity.

Tints – Tinted glass works in a similar manner to films, except it doesn’t reduce the amount of sunlight as much as a film does. So, tinted glass will still prevent the entrance of the sun’s heat into a room, but you will only lose about 40 percent of the sunlight as compared to clear glass.

Coatings – To a certain degree, coated windows work just like the other two options, but are more versatile in that they allow for “tuning” in order to increase or reduce the amount of energy they allow to pass through without affecting the passage of sunlight into a room. They are more expensive overall than the other options, but the difference in cost will make up over time in energy savings.

Construction: The Importance Of Materials And Type

One of the most important considerations you should take into account when you are looking for replacement windows is that the materials used to make the frame are a large part of how efficient your windows are. For example, fiberglass window frames are more efficient than wood, but they are also more expensive. On the other hand, aluminum and steel frames are cheaper but also less efficient than wood. Lastly, while wood may require more maintenance than fiberglass, aluminum or steel, it is sturdy, resistant, and efficient.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when deciding on the material for your replacement windows is whether you actually need a frame. In most cases, the condition of your current frame will determine the type of window replacement you need. If your frames are in good condition and don’t need any major changes or repairs, you can choose sash or insert windows, which are replacements for only the parts of your windows that require to be changed.  On the other hand, if your current frames are showing signs of rot can no longer be repaired satisfactorily, or you are thinking of changing the size of the existing window (making it larger or smaller),  you will very likely require a full window replacement, which involves removing the entirety of the old window, and all of its parts. This is where you must choose the materials with which your new frames will be built.

When Should You Replace Your Old Windows?

There are a number of reasons for getting replacement windows for your Hawaii home, but there are some cases in which you must absolutely do it. Some of the most common instances in which replacement windows become a necessity more than a whim are when the deterioration of the wood of the frames has reached a point in which your windows are no longer efficient, are rotting, or are not operating the way they should be. When this happens, repairs are usually much more expensive than their replacement. Another reason for replacing your old windows is when you want to upgrade the existing ones, especially if your house is old or of historical importance and the previous owners installed windows that were of the wrong style. When this happens, installing the correct windows will help increase the value of your home while helping it look better overall.

There are also times in which you want to change the use of a certain room, which may require larger or smaller windows or a higher or lower sunlight allowance. No matter what your reason for wanting to replace your old windows is, the decision is up to you, so give yourself some time to take the above pointers into account and do some more research about what features would work best for your home.

Looking For Replacement Windows?

When you are in the market for replacement windows, make sure you give yourself some time to find out what your options are and to work out a budget that will give you a good idea of how much you can safely invest. Even so, your best bet is to consult with the pros at Sunburst Windows in Hawaii, who will be happy to help you choose the best windows for your home and budget. So, don’t hesitate, for all your window needs, call Sunburst Windows today!

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