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Why Most Households Are Now Opting For Our Energy Efficient Home Windows | Hawaii

Why Most Households Are Now Opting For Our Energy Efficient Home Windows | Hawaii

With many home window options in the market, it’s easy to be confused about the type to choose for your home. Home windows are now available in different styles, designs, and even functionalities.

For instance, our windows are designed and manufactured to provide the best and highest quality of life in your home.

This is why they are pretty expensive compared to other window designs. Below are good reasons why our windows have become a household name in most homes in Hawaii and why you should consider them for your home remodeling project.

Energy Efficiency

The level of energy efficiency is determined by the type of glass and how the window is constructed. If you’re looking for cost-effective windows that will help lower the energy consumption in your home, you should consider our windows.

Our windows have a variety of glass, such as the Low-E which. This glass can filter harmful UV rays from 40 to 70 percent. It ensures the hot sun is kept out while still maintaining its shine. Additionally, it can conserve energy efficiency by 30 to 50 percent.

Various Options to Choose From

There is no doubt that many people in Hawaii would prefer multiple home window options. It is non-satisfactory to hear that you have only one type of option to go for. Our windows offer varieties, including the A-Series, E-Series, 100 series, 200 series, and 400 series. It also has different color combinations and a handful of selections for glass options, grids, hardware, and sizing options.

Long Lifespan

Something built to last long is every homeowner’s dream, and with our windows, you can trust that they will. These windows are made using long-lasting fibrex building materials and wood to ensure that you only have to replace your home windows once. They last longer than their traditional counterparts and come with a warranty that will put your mind at ease when the unexpected happens.

Certified Installer Program

In most instances, when you’re considering repairing or replacing your home windows, the companies will have a contractor install them. The contractors may have little or no experience in dealing with the installation. In this case, the windows may fail prematurely or cause air leakages into your homestead.

To avoid all these problems, you should ensure that an expert installs them. That is why the Andersen Certified Installer training program requires companies doing their window installation to certify that the installation was conducted correctly.

Enhanced Seasonal Comfort

Our home windows enhance the comfort levels in your home through advanced and high-performance glass technology. The glass protects the interior from sun damage by blocking a high percentage of UV rays during the sweltering summer months. It also minimizes heat transfer to the surroundings.

Complement a Home’s Curb Appeal

A switch on some of the features in your home can have a huge effect on its exterior appearance. Compared with ordinary windows, our home windows have a variety of selections homeowners in Hawaii can select from to complement their homes’ outlook, whether you have a traditional or a more contemporary design. Their unique design and colors ensure that your exterior and interior spaces have a unique look.

Low Maintenance Involved

Andersen window options have frames made of high-quality material that does not need to be painted. These materials are constructed from durable stainless steel or zinc that undergo numerous tests to ensure they will hold up in any home. Our windows are also warranted for both materials and labor to the original homeowner.

Improved Home Security

Our brand gives your home additional security as it has been successfully tested for forced-entry safety. It offers locking systems with multiple points, ensuring that lock breakthrough is nearly impossible.

Increased Home Value

Replacing the windows of your house before putting it on sale is a selling point for most buyers. Our windows are of great value and more durable than conventional ones. However, you can consider them as they will give you better value for your money.

The low maintenance is also an advantage to homeowners as they will see a considerable return on the investment.

Reduction In Noise

Do you live in a noisy area? Many homeowners tend to keep up with the constant traffic noise since they are not aware that there are home windows that possess soundproofing capacities.

You want to experience peace when you are in your home without disturbance. And you can achieve that by getting an expert to install the Andersen home windows with glass features to maintain sound control that could be coming from the outside world.

Reduce Condensation In Homes

If your rooms have higher moisture levels, condensation is likely to cause severe problems for your family. Most of the time, the kitchen and bathroom area is likely to be the culprit of unideal moisture. The moisture evaporates in the air and lands on the cold windows, producing puddles and water leaks.

That increased presence of water could damage your home and your properties. Our windows will significantly lower the amount of condensation in your home windows. They are insulated to ensure the surface temperature is above the one that attracts moisture from the air.

Environmentally Friendly

Our windows relieve your HVAC system’s burden of working harder to cool or warm your space. This way, less energy is consumed by the heating and cooling systems. When fewer natural resources are used up, the environment has a lesser impact.

Considering Replacing Your Home Windows?

Do you need a window replacement service but don’t know what kind of windows to buy, where to get them, and who to install them? Don’t sweat it; at Sunburst Windows we have experienced professionals who’ll guide you through the process.

We have a wide variety of energy-efficient windows you can select from, such as our windows. Also, our technicians can help with the installation of sliding glass doors. Reach out to us today!

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