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Why Do You Need Replacement Windows for Your House in Hawaii?

Why Do You Need Replacement Windows for Your House in Hawaii?

Windows are an integral part of the architecture of your house. They not only increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your house but also provide air ventilation and light infiltration. Unfortunately, like everything else, house windows don’t last forever.

There comes a point when you have no choice but to replace your windows. The real question is how to know when that time has come?  Since windows are made to last for a long period of time, it is easy to misjudge when they need to be replaced.

Get replacement windows in Hawaii too soon and you are getting rid of good windows for no reason. On the other hand, wait too long and you can have a mess on your hands. This article will guide you about why you need replacement windows and how to know when it is time to get them.

Broken Glass Panes

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that you need replacement windows in Hawaii for your house. Though they are made to last, glass panes, especially those of lower quality, can break easily. Furthermore, the stormy weather and frequent hurricanes in Hawaii only increase the chances of window damage.

It is important to understand that living in a house with broken windows is not only inconvenient but it can also be dangerous. Even when the glass is cracked and not broken, it’s still a safety hazard. Furthermore, it can cause your windows to leak to allow rainwater or moisture to get inside the house. This makes it important to consider getting replacement windows as soon as you notice the first signs of damage on the glass panes of your windows.

Damaged Frame

A frame is an integral part of a window. It’s what keeps the windows fixed in the wall. A broken, leaking or decaying frame requires your immediate attention. Mostly, a broken frame can be easily spotted but it takes a keen eye to spot a decaying frame, especially if it is painted or recently glossed.

So, what causes a frame to decay in the first place? Well, the answer is simple. 9 out of 10 times, moisture is the culprit behind decaying, damaged frames. It is important to understand that built up moisture can deteriorate the condition of a wooden frame to a point where it becomes a safety hazard for everyone living in the house. This makes it absolutely essential to consider getting replacement windows.

The moisture that makes into your house through a broken or decaying window frame can also promote the growth of mold. Keep in mind that it can easily turn into serious health issues for your whole family, especially for the members who struggle with allergies and medical conditions like asthma and respiratory diseases.

On the other hand, a damaged and decaying frame can also cause your windows to leak. This may not seem like a major problem in the summer but in the rainy season, a leaking window can easily turn into an ordeal. You may end up with water puddles right inside your house!

Furthermore, leaking frames can cause the appearance of unappealing watermarks on your walls, which works to make your space less appealing. Considering all these factors, you should consider getting replacement windows as soon as you notice a damaged, broken or decaying frame.

Damaged Operative Parts

Windows are installed to perform a number of functions. From keeping the dust and dirt out to the responsibility of air ventilation and light infiltration, windows perform a number of jobs. Obviously, a window cannot perform its intended functions if it cannot be opened or closed as per the requirements of the house owner.

When you notice that a window is ‘stuck’ or you are unable to open or close it, it is time to consider getting replacement windows. It is important to understand that windows usually get stuck when their mechanical operative parts are broken or damaged. For example, the sash may break or the springs might have been damaged.

In such a case, it is advisable to consult with the window experts of Hawaii to get a clear picture of what is wrong with your windows and if can be fixed. If your windows are fixable, get them repaired. But if they are beyond the point of repairs, it’s time you get replacement window because there’s really no point of a window if it cannot be opened or closed to maintain a fresh environment in your house.

Increase the Aesthetic Appeal

One simple reason to consider replacement windows is to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. Windows are an important part of the architecture of your house. They work to add personality to your place. Whether you live in a suburban house with a white picket fence or enjoy a cozy little apartment, chic and trendy windows can easily transform the look of your place.

If you think your old windows are making your house look boring and outdated, choose replacement windows that come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. From awing windows to the classic bow or bay windows, a replacement window will immediately work to uplift the look of your house, making it feel much more stylish and welcoming than before.

Energy Bills

Another reason to consider replacement windows is the economical aspect of high energy bills. Most old windows are single paned, which enables them to allow the transference of heat. In the hot summers of Hawaii, old windows can make your air conditioning units work double time by allowing the cool air to escape. This causes your energy bills to rise.

On the other hand, double and triple pane windows can decrease the total cost of cooling the house by up to 50%. This makes it a good option to consider getting energy efficient replacement windows as a way of reducing your energy bills.

Remember, it is important to consult only trusted window experts of Hawaii when you are looking to buy replacement windows. It is advisable to consult Sunburst Windows in Hawaii to get free installation and the best replacement windows.



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