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What Type Of Replacement Windows Are Best For Me? | Oahu, HI

What Type Of Replacement Windows Are Best For Me? | Oahu, HI

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When you live in such a unique town like Oahu, HI you want your house to look nice and be practical for your house and situation. Getting replacement windows that work for you is important and ensure that you get enough light for what you want, the correct access for fresh air you desire, and the style you want.

Windows That Open

First you need to determine if you want or need windows that are able to be opened for fresh air or emergency access. The two most common types are single hung and double hung windows. The major difference between the two is that single hung windows only have one of the two pane sections move up and down for cleaning and emergency access. Single hung windows can be had much cheaper but may not be allowed for certain locations, the contractor handling your replacement windows should know.

The next type of windows that open would be awning windows. These are one large glass section that covers the whole window that opens at the bottom and outward to allow fresh air in but can be opened during light rain as they open to block the falling precipitation. Flip an awning around and you have what’s called a hopper window. These open from the top and into the house as a single glass section and are best used in compact spaces like basements or bathrooms. Hoppers are generally good insulating windows as they tend to seal into the frame when closed.

If you want your new windows to open to the side you could look at casement windows. These are split in the middle vertically and both sides are able to open. Traditionally casement windows are the ones with cranks that open outward but they don’t have to be that anymore. Another horizontal moving window is a sliding window. This would take what is effectively a single or double hung window and tip it sideways, although these are used more so in larger applications than a traditional window would.

Windows That Usually Stay Closed

Sometimes all you want in your replacement windows is a large section of glass with some decorative accents to get a view of the outdoors. That’s what these will be. We’ll start with the traditional picture windows, which are the simplest form. They are just one large section of glass on a frame and installed, ideal for viewing. Similarly if you have a tall room or need an accent on top you can get an arched window. Like the name says it’s an arch and most do not open. Another type of solid window like this are circle windows, which as the name implies are round. These are more decorative and have a unique place in certain architectures like gothic or Victorian, not common in Hawaii.

If you’re looking for replacement windows that protrudes from your house you could get a bay window setup. These stick out from the side of the house and are reinforced to give you either a little floor space, some storage space, or a location for a chair. If you don’t have quite enough room for that bow windows can do similar things but are lower profile to the house and are generally set up when the house was built. A third type, which is generally the smallest of these are garden box windows. These are named for people to put plants in as they are generally quite small. They are ideal windows for small locations.

Windows For Special Uses

If you need replacement windows for special situations they’ll probably be listed here. First we’ll go after practical usage with egress windows. These are first and foremost safety windows for your basement. They are constructed so they are easily opened from the inside, not the outside and are built with an external standing pad to serve as a way to get out of the house quickly. A different type of safety window are storm windows. While they are perfect for adding another level of protection for your house but are not something that everyone puts on anymore with modern improvements to window insulation.

Now we’ll get to the fun types of windows starting with skylight windows. These have been popular for a while in sunny climates but not always feasible or durable. Thankfully improvements in window installation engineering has mitigated the risks of leaks with these. A popular type of window in the 70s and 80s windows made of glass blocks are a fun way to have privacy and exterior light while keeping the size variable as glass blocks are generally only one size.

A more unique opening window is one called jalousie windows. This window type is multiple small window slats that open all as one. These are very unique but not great in cold climates, not an issue in Oahu, HI. If you want some unique replacement windows these are a great pick. The last standard type of decorative windows are called transom windows. These are mostly used around doors for light and a decorative improvement or around other windows for extended lighted areas.

When All Else Fails, Custom Is Possible

Remember, you can always ask your contractor for custom replacement windows for your home. These will generally cost more than premade windows and can use any of the styles mentioned above for their basis. It’s all based on your budget, your home’s ability to handle the window, and your imagination.

When you’re ready to get an estimate or consultation for replacement windows reach out to Sunburst by Anderson in Honolulu. They service households on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Big Island and use Anderson windows which are America’s most popular brand of replacement windows. Give them a call or reach out so an expert representative can get you a free estimate for replacing all the doors and windows in your house that you want improved.


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