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The Best Styles Of Energy Efficient Windows | Hawaii

The Best Styles Of Energy Efficient Windows | Hawaii

There is a range of different styles of energy efficient windows out there. But it’s not just about having energy efficient options. It’s also about making sure you have a style that you really like. And the good news is there are plenty of different styles. You just need to find the right one for you and your Hawaii home. And that’s actually easier to do than you might think. You just need to take a look around you.

Casement Windows

These are some very popular energy efficient windows and they can be used in a number of different ways. Often, casement windows are used for patios or they’re used on either side of other windows like picture windows or even sliders. They can create a slightly different look and feel to the space and they allow you to get a breeze in a different way. That’s because these windows actually open outward from the sides. They can open either right or left, but they give you more air flow. Plus, they can be easy to open for younger or older individuals.

Because of the way that these windows open they actually use a crank to open. You can open them up only a little or all the way, but either way you’ll have a simple time of it because they just need to be cranked to whatever level you want them to be. It’s a snap and it’s going to look great too.

Single/Double-Hung Windows

These are some of the most popular styles of energy efficient windows because they’re the standard. They open easily because you just have to push them up in order to open them. They can also be opened only a small amount or all the way because you just push them up until you get to the spot you want. They’re popular and can be used just about anywhere because they give you air flow and simplicity. But they still look good at the same time and that’s definitely going to be a benefit for you and your home, right?

These can be a little more difficult for some to open because they can be a little heavy to push upwards. But they are going to give you options and they come in different looks as well. Plus, they’re a little easier to clean than a lot of other styles.

Picture Windows

When it comes to energy efficient windows, picture windows can be a great way to go. That’s because these windows don’t actually open at all. These are clear panes of glass that are meant to look beautiful and provide a look outside at something that might be beautiful. But because they don’t open there are no gaps to worry about. Air and energy transfer isn’t getting through the cracks as much because they don’t really have those cracks. At least not in the seal.

With a picture window you’re choosing between different sizes, but you’re definitely going to have something that you like to look at. If you have a beautiful backyard this is a great window to choose. Or if you just want a great view into your front yard or neighborhood. They can go just about anywhere to create that kind of look.

Transom Windows

These energy efficient windows may or may not open, but they go above another window or above a door. They let in a little more light so that you can get more visibility in areas. For example, in a front or back hallway these windows can go above the door to make sure you get plenty of sunlight. They may open, generally outward like an awning. But the main point of them isn’t to get a breeze, it’s to get more lighting. They can add a bit of style and fun to your spaces, and they can come in different styles.

Transom windows might be clear glass like a picture window. Or they might have a pattern to them such as a stained glass element or a frosted element. This creates an even more unique look and it can be a whole lot of fun too. All you have to do is decide where you want to put it.

Bay/Bow Windows

If you want a really unique look for your Hawaii home with your energy efficient windows you can choose bay or bow windows. These are designed to create a curved area of windows on your home. Often they’re used in living or dining rooms but they could be put in any room of your home. They may create a curved area of floor space or they might actually allow you to put in a window seat for your family to enjoy. There are also plenty of different ways that they can be created.

You could choose a single large window that is ‘bowed’ to create this look. Or you could use several smaller picture windows to do it. You can also choose to use different double or single hung energy efficient windows to create the look. It’s entirely up to you.

What You Need

When you’re ready, all you need to do is find the right team to work with to create the look you want for your home. You’ll be more than happy with the results when you see how your energy efficient windows are going to make a difference. And your Hawaii home is never going to look better. All you need is the right company, and that’s where Sunburst Windows comes in. We can come to your home to help you choose the ideal windows that you want and make sure that you’re on your way to a great look.

Our team at Sunburst Windows is made up of quality professionals who can help you make the right decisions when it comes to which energy efficient windows you want in which rooms of your home. And we can help you make sure that the look you get is what you’ve always wanted for your space.

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