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The Beauty Of Garden Windows: Seven Benefits You Should Know About New Windows | Oahu, HI

The Beauty Of Garden Windows: Seven Benefits You Should Know About New Windows | Oahu, HI

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Not all home windows are designed to let fresh air and light into your home. Some new windows are built to add beauty and function to any space in your home. For instance, if you want to use plants to enhance the natural feel of your space, garden windows offer a unique opportunity to liven up your home.

For starters, a garden window is a unique home window stretching out from your house into the yard. Also known as the greenhouse window, it brings more light; hence, it is used as shelving for herbs or plants and is commonly mounted over the sink in a kitchen. You can also install it in any room of your house where you want more natural light.

These home windows have glass on all sides, and besides bringing in more light and functioning as a miniature greenhouse for flowers of plants, they give your Oahu, HI, home that spectacular look. They may be fitted with double, single, or triple pane double strength glass; thus, they can survive severe hail or falling debris. When shopping for new windows, you can go for garden windows to enjoy the benefits discussed below.

Indoor Gardening

Some homeowners love living and working in cultivated green spaces and having beautiful plants around. But if you are living in an urban area, condo, or apartment without yards to garden in, then you can use a garden window to start an indoor garden in your house.

Indoor gardening is becoming popular in many households offering a viable option for individuals needing access to fresh greens or herbs. A recent study discovered that plants in your home could make you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and natural.

With indoor gardening, you’ll be able to enjoy clean air because plants not only absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen but also remove contaminants in the air; hence, making your airtight home more comfortable.

You can even create a mini garden by installing a new window big enough to accommodate a few pots. With this type of home window, you don’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions destroying your plants because it offers maximum protection.

Additionally, plants have been therapeutic for individuals experiencing mental illness symptoms and boost productivity.

Increase Ventilation

If you are thinking of replacing your old kitchen windows with new windows, you can opt for a new window to get an excellent vent system for your kitchen. When installed properly, a garden window will allow natural air circulation from both sides via the functional side panels.

This way, there will be enough fresh air for your plants and an excellent ventilated kitchen; hence, you don’t have to worry about condensation in the corners.

Energy Efficiency

One of the ways to reduce the high energy bills in your home is by replacing the traditional windows with new windows. This will go a long way in increasing energy efficiency in your house since about 38 to 50 percent of the heat in your home is lost via doors and windows.

When shopping for garden windows, it’s advisable to select window panes built of glass approximately one inch thick. Also, you should ensure that they can fit tightly in sturdy PVC frames to avoid any air leakage. This keeps your home warm by protecting it from heat loss.

During summer, these new windows will keep your home cooler throughout the summer. Also, you’ll notice you are saving more because you’ll use less electricity for heating, cooling, and lighting your home.

Mini Greenhouse

While new windows affect the performance of a home and both interior and external appearance, not all can act as a mini greenhouse. If you wish to have a constant supply of fresh herbs in your kitchen or enhance your home with plant life, a garden window can act as a mini-greenhouse for the plants of your choice.

These windows are designed to capture solar energy necessary to nourish your plants; hence, bringing the outdoors into your home. This new window makes it possible for homeowners to conserve lighting and heating, depending on the weather condition. Homeowners also can use the window panes as an awning to protect plants from intense sunlight.

Natural Lighting

You may want new windows for your home because the old ones may not be allowing enough natural lighting. For maximum natural lighting, you can opt for a garden window, which is three-dimensional and protruding. You’ll also enjoy more ventilation and even an improvement in your general health and that of your family.

Expanding Storage Space

Are you running out of kitchen space? Don’t worry! You can expand your space by simply installing a new window. A garden window can help you achieve this by creating a new counter space for your small kitchen. Once the installation, you’ll have sufficient space to place your jars and arrange your precious collectibles.

Resale Value

Installing a garden window is one of the ways of adding value to your residential property in Oahu, HI, especially if you are considering selling it. This window is beautiful and unique; hence, most home buyers will love it.

Currently, indoor gardening has become popular due to the social media hype from the beautiful Instagram-inspired designs to plant-based podcasts. Hence, when shopping for new windows, you can consider garden windows, which are the best and most economical for indoor gardening. They also give your home a touch of sophistication.

Add a Touch of the Outside to Your Home with Elegant Garden Windows from Sunburst Windows of Hawaii

Some folks prefer to have garden windows mounted at the kitchen window as it is convenient to water plants from the kitchen sink. But if you want to enjoy your indoor garden anywhere in your house, you can install garden windows in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

If you are thinking of going for a garden window, it’s important to work with a professional window company to handle the installation. At Sunburst Windows of Hawaii, our experienced window installers will help you set up and mount this new window. With over 35 years of experience in the fenestration industry, we are well equipped and experienced to handle your home improvement projects. Our professionals can also install doors and patio. Call us today for any new windows you may need.


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