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The Sunburst Windows Difference: Using Fibrex For Home Windows | Oahu, HI

The Sunburst Windows Difference: Using Fibrex For Home Windows | Oahu, HI

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Sunburst Windows offers residents of Oahu, HI, the option to install Fibrex windows and doors; products made from a unique composite material that is an effective alternative to vinyl. But what’s so special about the revolutionary Fibrex composite? Read on to find out more.

Back in 1992, Sunburst Windows perfected the composite known as Fibrex and patented the composite material technology. Since then, Fibrex home windows have been installed across many areas, from Seattle on the West Coast of the U.S. to locations throughout Hawaii.

Fibrex material makes an excellent window framing material for many reasons. Fibrex composite uses real wood fiber and is very strong, which means we can safely use narrow frames to maximize the glass area. In comparison, vinyl frames are thicker and visibly reduce the viewing area. Fibrex is also a low-maintenance composite that does not expand and contract much, even when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Fibrex home windows from Sunburst Windows also have one of the best limited warranties in the industry. When measured across a range of conditions, Fibrex material performs well against wood, fiberglass, and aluminum framing. Plus, it significantly outranks vinyl home windows.

The Difference in Strength

A Fibrex window is twice as rigid and more stable than its vinyl counterpart. Wood framing is more rigid than Fibrex but also less predictable. In natural wooden window frames, you’ll see grain variations, knots, and even differences in moisture content that can each affect the overall design and strength.

Fibrex, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum frames all expand and contract very little when exposed to temperature changes, which means they’re all excellent choices for framing home windows in Hawaii. No matter how cold winter is, how extreme the storm, or how warm the summer is, Fibrex remains stable year-round. In comparison, vinyl windows have a much higher expansion and contraction range, leading to bowing and breaking the glass seal. Over time, repeated contractions can cause cracks, air leaks, and water leaks.

The Difference in Insulation

Fibrex home windows also have excellent insulation, properties on par with wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Aluminum, for example, offers very little in the way of insulating properties, which means heat often escapes when you’re trying to heat your home in winter. Additionally, aluminum allows the colder weather outside to chill indoor spaces and lets additional heat in during the summer.

If you combine a Fibrex, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl frame with Low-E glass, you can easily retain heat in winter and coolness in the summer. A bonus of the superior insulating properties of Low-E glass is that you’ll undoubtedly save money on your energy bills while maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors all year round.

The Difference in Maintenance

Wood frames, for example, will eventually rot, decay, and may grow mold if not maintained properly. Wooden window frames and sills, if exposed to a lot of moisture, will grow visible mold, particularly if the window leaks or regularly accumulates condensation. Typically, mold begins to grow in the joint between the glass and the window sash, but it may spread further if left untreated. Vinyl, fiberglass, and alternative frame types don’t hold any organic materials to feed mold.

While Fibrex home windows have wood fibers in the frame, the patented Fibrex manufacturing process ensures that each wood fiber is coated in a polymer formula resistant to fungal growth and rot. Fibrex frames are also designed not to rust, blister, crack, peel, or otherwise corrode over time, so there’s very little maintenance required.

Fiberglass frames, on the other hand, don’t contain any organic material and are also rot-resistant. However, fiberglass frames are painted and may need repainting or scraping during its lifespan.

The Difference in Design

One of the primary differences between Fibrex home windows and alternative window frames is that Fibrex frames can be molded to fit any window. You may have noticed that many alternative replacement windows in Oahu, HI, typically have square profiles that may not match the design of the home. This is particularly true where vinyl replacement windows have been purchased, as vinyl frames can only be constructed in straight lines.

Fibrex can be molded to create curved specialty windows and narrower window frames in colors that complement your Oahu home. Darker exterior colors provide a modern, refreshing look that creates a high contrast, compared to white vinyl windows that are just part of the norm.

The Difference in Environmental Factors

Environmental responsibility is becoming more and more critical as each year passes, and climate issues are becoming more apparent. Forty percent of the raw material weight used to construct Fibrex windows is reclaimed wood fiber. The manufacturing process also allows for the reclamation of materials, which are then reground and reused. More than a decade ago, Sunburst Windows in Hawaii achieved the highest SCS-certified recycled content figure of any replacement window company, and the trend continues to this day.

Fibrex windows are also Energy Star qualified, meeting the energy efficiency criteria set out by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Fiberglass windows, for example, are much less environmentally-friendly as the product cannot be reformed into another profile after it’s been thermoset.

The Difference in Warranty

Home windows are vital components that allow for temperature regulation, crafting room ambiance, adding home value, and so much more. A Limited Warranty should always protect the work that goes into creating the precise glass, frame, and installation process that works best to improve your home. With Fibrex frames, you’re not just covered by the warranty for the product itself, you’re covered by a warranty that covers the installation process too.

Sunburst Windows of Hawaii is known for its unique Fibrex home windows. With more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, you can trust Sunburst Windows to provide you with superior window installation and home window replacement when you need it. Request a brochure online to see the full range of products or submit a service request to see how Sunburst Windows of Hawaii can resolve issues with leakage, condensation, glass breakage, window appearance, and more.


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