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Signs of Inefficient Windows: Window Replacement in Hawaii

Signs of Inefficient Windows: Window Replacement in Hawaii

Research shows that 25% of energy loss in homes is due to the fact that most homes install windows that are inefficient when it comes to conserving energy. In this day and age, every homeowner needs to be more responsible for their energy consumption. Any waste should be curbed since it isn’t environmentally friendly to continue using up energy needlessly.

Heat gain and heat loss through windows is one reason why our HVAC has to overwork itself. The high cost of energy to control the temperature in the home can contribute to a lot of money spent on energy bills. To avoid high costs such as these, every homeowner needs to check whether their windows are efficient or not.

If you notice any of the signs below than it may be time to invest in window replacement in Hawaii.

Won’t Open or Close

There can be a number of reasons due to which the windows in your house may not close or open. They can be stuck, painted shut, rusty, or may not open due to a damaged part of the house. Although stuck windows are pretty common in houses, they are also the leading cause of heat loss or heat gain.

It takes a lot more energy for the room to heat up to a comfortable temperature if the window allows the cold air to rush in. Open windows also let in a lot of debris, dust, and dirt. Thiscan clog the filters of the ducts, which can hinder the air circulation of the home. This will cause a significant drop in the quality of air and lead to an uneven distribution of heat. You will need a quick window replacement in Hawaii to eliminate the problem.

Older windows are at a higher risk of getting stuck since they may have faced a lot of wear and tear over time. Their gears and components may have rusted over time. Installing new, better quality energy efficient windows will mean that you won’t have to spend a lot of money and time maintaining your windows.

Reduced Comfort

Old or malfunctioning windows are often responsible for letting a lot of sound and wind inside. It can become really hard to even take a napor get a good night’s rest if the traffic sounds from outside keep you awake. Even a slight cool breeze can be reallyirritating when you are trying to get cozy in your bed.

If you want to check whether the glass pane of the window is weak, there is a really easy test that you can conduct. Just press the palm of your hand against the inside of the glass pane then press it to the outside. If it is colder on the inside, it means that your window doesn’t pose much protection against wind or sound.

It is important to call for window replacement in Hawaii so that you can have better insulation against the noise and cold. This doesn’t mean you invest in the window with the thickest glass pane. Windows that have a lot of dead weight should also be replaced since they can be a huge burden on the house as well. You should get a light-weight window that has a high-quality glass to protect you.

Won’t Lock

The inability to lock your window securely can be a huge sign that you need to call for window replacement in Hawaii. Nobody wants to take a risk by compromising the security of the house. These windows also require a lot of maintenance since they are usually old enough to breakdown often. Replacing them for more efficient windows is a great idea since you won’t have to spend a lot of effort to maintain them. They will also be easier to clean, which will help you as a homeowner.

Heavy Monthly Bills

Energy efficiency is necessary if you want to receive low energy bills every month. Higher costs for energy are common if you have energy-inefficient windows. This is because heating and cooling systems often have to work in overtime to make up for all the heat gain or heat loss through the windows. Overworking the furnace or air conditioning unit isn’t the solution to optimizing the temperature in your home. Many experts do claim that if you install better windows that insulate the home, you will defiantly experience a 30% decrease in bills.

Old windows also require a lot more maintenance and repair over the years since they have accumulated wear and tear with use. This will add to your monthly maintenance bills as well. By hiring a team for window replacement in Hawaii, you can reduce your monthly costs.

Even if you don’t want to replace the windows, you should hire professionals like Sunburst Windows to repair them. They can reduce long-term maintenance costs since they repair the windows by using effective techniques. They will inspect the window properly and check whether it needs any change in hardware or need any weather-stripping.

Storm Damage

Storms can also greatly damage the windows of the house since they create a lot of pressure on the windows. If you live in an area where it is common to have heavy rains and storms, it is generally a good idea to call for window replacement in Hawaii. They can inspect your windows and repair any cracks, rust, corrosion, or other damage to the window which can make them susceptible to shattering during a storm. It is better to be safe then suffer through rain and icy winds during a storm because of a broken window.

It is important to hire professionals for window replacement in Hawaii. They are trained to detect any faults in your windows and will ensure that your home is properly insulated to avoid energy loss.










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